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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


it has just dawned upon my feeble mind that my exams are merely weeks away and yet i seem to still be so nonchalant about it all. i need that pierce in the side to send a wave of urgency flowing through me. i wanna start i really do. right now, at this unearthly hour, im making my final decision of which literature books i shld be doing. shakespeares are definitely in, then i gotta flit between gibberish language of geoffrey chaucer, or the dull yet intelligible read of george eliot. eeks. decisions, and i feel it's already too late. i need to catch up on econs, and try to relearn some basic chinese, all within the month of august. as for history, oh dear god, bloody hell regional history wasnt as easy as i had thought it wwld be. fuck the europeans, why cldnt they jsut cooperate and let one european country takeover, instead of battling over all our petty little kingdoms like nitwits, causing more headaches to modern man learning about their own lands. gahh. go go go. help help help. now now now. tourettes again. help especially needed for chinese and econs, and advice needed for literature. thank you. please approach me for further dilemmas.

ok, the brunt of the blame lies with me. my fault im like so short of time. but i have been watching pretty depressing shows lately. and comedies. loadsa comedies. i am a bad influence on myself. if u all have hbo(ch60) please watch 'sometimes in april', i feel it beats 'hotel rwanda' hands down. no don cheadle, but debra winger is a worthy substitute to lending familair names. i've seen it twice so far and it never fails to tug at my heartstrings. so many tragedies. i made up for it by watching 'green wing'!!! yes im done ive got the complete four seasons of 'coupling' so if u want sex-satires go watch it too!!! ive only got season one of green wing though, so if anyone has season 2, lend pls! brits are my favouritest at the moment. that is until one tree hill, grey's and other new seasons of american telly begins. but go UK! hail queen E. II!!!!

i feel like eating ondeh ondeh. now.


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