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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

stars are blind and DEAF too

i seriously can't believe i got the paris hilton album. surprisingly, i had the 'screwed' song about two years ago, so it must have been recorded ages ago. ok, her songs, the whispery ones all sound similar, and track 5, entitles 'jealousy' sure sounds like its specially dedicated to ex-bestie nicole richie. i really shld stop indulging in celebrity gossip. aahhaha. ok im even badder than ever. i got the jessica simpson 'a public affair' album. ahhahahaha. dear god save me from bimbo cheeseball factory please.

study. stop calling me to go out. i think i must put my foot down now. i need to stamp out all unnecessary events right now. sorry. ok only one event allowed, if u all organize some farewell thingy for moses. so only liable event coordinators need apply to my schedule. sorry to be spoil sport, but i gotta be selfish now. ahahhaa.

oooh in case some young hip and cool (hopefully hot!) gynaecologist is browsing through blogs right now, please come to my aid! as you all know, i subsequently have problems with the fanny especially when she gets her almost monthly injuries, and this entire month ive been having deep problems with my fanny again. she bleeds as and when she feels like it. she doesnt leak as much as normal, but she drip drops whenever she feels depressed, which seems to be alot lately. how do you cheer your 'fanny' up? i don't want to poke and probe, but if nothing else works, then i guess some heart-to-heart chats with the 'fanny' may be in session soon. i have to put some time aside for her. would anyone be willing to keep her company? she is rather introverted, and takes time to warm up to others too. a little help?

oh i finally got the splinter, that had been residing there for over 3 days, out of my foot. lik finally!!!! it hurt like hell. i have a feeling smthg is still semi-stuck there, because all that came out was a teensy black thing. but after crouching over for two hours trying to tear open my skin and fiddling around the wound trying to pry that blasted thing out, it was well worth it. i no longer walk with a wince and a semi-limp!!!! hurrah to my nimble fingers and that little sewing needle. tweezers go suck shit! u tweezers suck big time! such inadequate tools.

the lacto-intolerance is working up again. had a bagel with butter n jam n poof the loo became my best friend for a good 20 minutes. it's like machine gun goodness pooping in there. tomorrow im in for a treat, but it might mean i may not be able to leave the house for school. lasagne for lunch!!! yay my true love - CHEESE!!!!! and my forced lover - the toilet bowl.


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