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Tuesday, September 05, 2006


he's gone. i thought it was a hoax at first, because over the years so many rumours arose pertaining to his death, and i thought this time it was just one of those 'times'. i know i'm a little crazy in feeling so moved by his death. heck, i think i care more about him dying than death of others. i never got to meet him. but i feel as though i know all about him n his entire family. terri, bindi sue, and bob. and his parents. his best mate Wes. his trusted vice-curator jodie. i watched practically all his shows. my favourite series was 'crocodile hunter diaries'. where the cameras follow him and fellow zookeepers around australia zoo on their daily routine. it was excellent. i kinda fancied bryan. haha. i wanted to go study zoology and conservation in UQ jsut so i could attend lectures conducted by him. i pray to god that sir david attenborough, nigel marven, jane goodall, dr brady barr, jeff corwin and charlotte uhlenbrooke don't die this year, if not it would be a bad year for animals and conservation. boycott stingray rescue attempts people. ok, maybe not. im sure steve wldn't want us to harbour ill will against the stingrays, or any animal for that matter. but seriously, next time u dig into your sambal stingray, eat its flesh with a vengeance. relish the meat that caused the crocodile hunter to meet his maker.


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