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Tuesday, September 12, 2006


last friday was an immensely traumatic experience for me. i was locked IN my own house. no, my parents didnt go berserk and handcuffed me to the house, but my dumbass sister caused the mayhem. she dropped the padlock on the floor, and the key broke inside. unknowingly, she locked the door happily. and the three of us were forever stuck in this chamber of dust bunnies and grimy undies. eeew. anyhoo, the bright spark my bro was, asked me to stuff the key into the hole, which then caused the fragment to disappear out of sight. fantastic. absolutely. we were locked in, parents were locked out. i thought i could do a spiderman and climb out the only accessible window, the kitchen one. but noooo. that one had a lock too. and we didnt have the key to that. can u imagine? fire hazard man. if it called for emergency evacuation at that time, we wld have died, unable to escape out own home. ridiculous i tell you. so we waited. n waited. it started to rain. dad said not to call a locksmith, he will attempt some miracle to get the broken key out. but alas, when he came home, after hammering, sawing, knocking, everything to no avail, we called the cheena pia locksmith to electrically saw our old school(ten yr old) lock open. smell of metal stank the house. dad got a new lock. yucks, i hate it. it was the one i vowed never to get. the rectangular obiang silver one, latch slides out, not like those old school ones anymore. extremely difficult to use. bloody hell. i hate it. locked in my own house, n no one believed me when i told them. but reallly!!!!!

i didnt do well for history paper one today. SBQ was ok. essay, was, ahhahaa. who the hell cares if Lous XVI was the irresponsible one, and not Louis XVIII. bloody hell. and what's the use of asking me to compare hitler n stalin? they both had individualistic moustaches? gahh. i need money money money. lotsa lotsa money. now. please.


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