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Friday, October 31, 2003


*hope there's a post-party*

*crossing my fingas*

hope this new skin works..hello? can all of you see the white(faded) stars on this pitch black backing? hope u all can. gosh. im absolutely famished. of studying of course. i think im gonna die. think im gonna fail physio. screwed. cant afford to get a D in anything..oh well...once again..i have to say.."old habits die hard". what have i gotta say today? dunno. no idea. i really feel lyke giving up on this course, but it was my decision to make in the first place. now im stuck. oh. today wasnt any better. i was stuck in an exam room with....a bunch of smart asses. even in times of desperation(lyke today), i neva thought of going insane. but today, i did. first of all, i didnt study for physio. ok i did, in the bus & cab on the way 2 school. managed to squeeze in at least 1/5 of the total info. then, looking as all those in my exam class. yucKs. mama spice(she's out 2 kill me), rambo(wad a fucked up name rite?), xiaofei(*puke*),van,small Lb, LB(lightbulb one), and the majority of the study club n other freaks n geeks. eeW. an added bonus? the invigilator is a fucking china man. cant understand a fuck he's saying. screw the fucking buggers. tmr is cell bio. and wad am i doing now? surfing the net, and watching telly. gosh. im doomed. but i dug my own grave. im just not in any mood 2 study. it's...eVil...i mean, its as though there isnt anything of interest to me. who the fuck wld wanna have their eye stuck in a microscope the entire day, when there's so much more interesting stuff when u just look out a window of a silent street? tonight's halloween..but sadly..no partying for me. will someone open up their hse or book a place for a party next week? hello? we're gonna skip halloween again this yeaR? im dying for a party..and it's especially raving, when pple msg me and ask if there's a party going on. nicc!!!u said ur hse. ahahha. no quips about it, but im dying for one. havent worn a costume in 2 yrs..wow. ok. i really wanna try to get an A or B for cell bio tmr. (hah! who am i kidding?) god,im a freaking dead duck. lying in wait for my execution. ok...so bored with my life rite now. i cant seem to decide(and find) on a suitable holiday job. i hate hotels...dont wanna work there anymore.nothing exhausting...yes..im a bumm. hehehe. omg..i swear...my dog(it's a bitch!!) is the most adorable thing alove..but she's susceptible to smelly spells. yeps...definitely needs a bath rite now. Star..my dearie doggy. ok..im utterly insane. guess wadd?she afraid of thunder. ahaha. rite now little star is on my lap. weird thing is that there's really loud thunder claps now..even an occasional bolt of lightning..but..the sky is as bright as a hot summer's day!!!yeps...there's gonna be a rainbow..if night doesnt fall b4 the rain stops. ok..enough weather talk. im gonna put myself in confinement if i dont get started on either cell bio(for tmr) or obc(for monday!!). hugging my puppy...toodly-doo!!

*p.s.: i neva know how 2 make my beautiful blog entry titles appear!!!*

Thursday, October 23, 2003

it's been a long time

ok...this skin is not working out for me. anyway. right now i oughta be working hard for my obc test, but apparently(ok, on purpose) i cant seem to get anything in my head. gosh... old habits die hard. i hate studying. i shall only put effort into wad i lyke and appreciate, which, since im a selfish person, is my own stuff. anyway, need 2 look for a job,but im so picky and dont wanna work lyke a dogg, that im trying to find a slack job that pays alot. impossible? yea, i think so too. but wadeva job i really wanna do, well, i cant, coz there's an age requirement. and that suxx. bigg time. oh well. realized havent blogged in lyke almost a onth. wow. ahaha. didnt think of blogging. anyway, everyone's being bitten by the "friendster" bugg, and that's great! actually, friendster is a boring site, where u cant do anything but post bulletins and write testimonials for your friends. yea, but on the other hand, you get to see some of your long-lost buds, or keep up with wad's happening with ur mates. write now, im trying to connect to the friendstewr network, but this idot site has too many pple flooding into it, and it's causing a major net-jam. so now it's a super slow thing. urgh. ok. think i better got get ready for sch. i vow to improve my blog after exams.ok. gotta zipp off now.