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Monday, July 26, 2004


what's that word supposed to mean? i aint got a clue.
looking at most other pple's online journals and stuff these days, have got me thinking....what is the real use for posting your woes and whims for total access to the world? in order to keep things secret,u shldnt post anything on the web,no matter how discreet a web address you have, or how unfamiliar an alias you adopt,it's absolutely senseless to put your heart and soul, your very essence into a post. secrets would not be leaked out if only one had the tact to not post it in a public place. despite all the security precautions, it's not very difficult to hack away. ok..enough preaching for one day.

let me just try to squish all my thoughts(that i wldnt mind other pple knowing..) into this entry,which will show up in a tiny box on my blog. dont you think the reading area(wad's it called?) is pretty darn small? anyhooo....studies(aint that a raving 'hot' topic to discuss). yes, the ever popular  hobby among singaporean youths, studying is an artform in its own right. i have to admit, i lack the talent of studying. impossible,but true. how many times have i ttied to no avail? too many distractions are aplenty, and though i try to put my heart and soul into reading a couple of meaningless sentences,and trying to apply muddling formulas, i cant seem to understand what their trying to tell me. over and over again(or whenever im trying to study/pay attention during class/or just looking at my notes) i wonder if i was sane,or if i still am, when i chose this 'rite of passage'. science. hah. ok...not only that, countless times ive made the same solemn vow to do better the next time, put in more effort, blah blah blah, havent we heard it all before? but it just isnt the same. i have studied studied, ive just flipped here and there, rewritten some nites, and ta-daa!!! ive managed to scrape through most of my life. now, i see things arent as sweet as they used to be. which kinda sucks. up to now,my parents dont know that im repeating a module,their so happy that im slowly 'picking up'. golly gosh, dont want to see their faces when they receive the letter(warning of dismissal) in the mail. well, tried time and time again to win their trust,but just as im about to reach the peak to eternal bliss, i tumble down the rocky side...starting right fromm scratch. urgh. the horrors of life with a sadistic god. it's the same reason why they disallowed me from going overseas after O's. coz i love the fun, forget the consequences,till it's smack in your face. darn it. the rantings  of a teenage 'failing-in-studies-and-life' girl. who's interesteD? apparently no one, so im speaking ti myself..slef-motivation of sorts. so when i chance upon my own blog,i can go 'ooh, that person sounds like me...share the same sentiments..wow..there are pple like me out there in the world too. wait a minute...sounds familiar...oh fuck damnit, it is me.' *sigh*. hehhehe. im insane.

ok..on a lighter note. im really eager to watch 'private parts'. so eager that i started singing a song that went smthg like this, "private parts...i wanna see private parts..privates...private parts.." not knowing the obscenity of the words i was uttering. heh. oops. it's just a title!!! no biggie. aint rearing to see anyone's privates,i aint a horny bitch. ooh..on the word "'oops'"..i notice that everyone says 'oops', but they all spell it as 'opps'. and i dont know why i find it so hilarious. sorry...just had to mention that..been seeing pple male that mistake for donkey years now.not just typing..even hand-written stuff. opps..opps...ahahhaa. not once,not twice...but over and over..until it becomes sort of a joke.

ooooh...alvin!! still on for sch u. day on fridaY? coz i am. dont pang seh me..if not it would be uber embarrassing to be the only one..i think i'd better bring my own clothes..just in case! find other pple to join us...yea? okok. as u all can see..it's early evening and imm blogging..aint got a clue why. maybe to make up for all the days i didnt blog,though i wont wanna make this a daily affair.

oh, think we made more enemies in the LT last week, and today as well. aahhaa. alvin's 'crush'(yea rite, she will crush him to death) and her clique. ahahahhaa. sorry,the hilarity of the situation. okok..to be fair..both ben's and alvin's crushee(yes,she was employed to crush them to death with her enormity of love and massive body strength).whenever she sits close by, as in really close...they wld wanna change seats. ahahaha. ok,maybe im being mean, but all this time we've been in the same lt, i never once mentioned about it. but just hgave to, i dont care who's reading this now...hahaha. it aint a secret what,not mentioning names,so dont get so offended if you think it's you,coz it mightn't be, unless you admit to having a huge crush on 2 st gab's boys' simultaneously. omg. wad a horrific thought. hehe. ok...the antics she unknowingly performs during lects really cracks us up...she doesnt know she's funny. truth be told, she's a little creepy. they all are. and well...buncha girly girls. if you happen to see her(doubt you cld miss it) and take the time,or in our case,stuck in a really boring lect, to observe her movements, more interesting than watching NGC or animal planet. hehehehe. dubbed the 'cleopatra gone wrong'. sorry.....feeling a mean streak coming along. if i dont stop soon, i just might end up poking fun on everyone in the blizzardly cold lecture theatre. so it's a warning signal(more like screaming siren!) that i shld stop here for today. no offense('offence' is for a crime right?) taken aight?

Friday, July 23, 2004

just finally

howdy-dowdy everybody??? i havent updated in quite some time, and *poof*, blogger has changed so much. just when i was bragging on about my html skills.gahhhh. nvm, at least things are simpler for me now.
i guess im having like a temporary memory loss at the moment. i cant remember anything that happened since the previous time i blogged. hmmm....grrr...at this rate, how am i ever gonna pass my exams? *doh* nvm. shall update again soon. oh! just have one thing to add!!! hannah's an ass!!! ahhahaha. why'd u have to go tell? im shivering in my pants now...shuddering in fear. hahaha. ok. watching 'the sweetest thing' on hbo. funny shit. off i go.

*p.s.: here's the link for the trailer to "Meet the Fockers", sequel to 'meet the parents'. check it out here. cant wait for it. coming out on christmas.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


heyyyyyaaa!!!!!!!!changed my layout,and the funky thing is, this skin has an assortment of colours!!!coool. catching the amazing race 5 now. damn tt show's good. such a turn of events. i like it.intriguing. anyhow, school is exhausting me. and i shall declare it here: i fucking hate ngee ann poly. the environment is just so different. though this isnt my 1st year here, up to now,i still cant get used to the place. and i know why. it's coz it has just come to my realization that i dont want to be here. nopes. oh well. what's done cannot be undone. and i still havent come up with a valid reason for passing registering myself into this school. lost.

Monday, July 05, 2004

POTLUCK HORROR @ RENA'S - 9th July(Friday)

9th July 2004 @ Rena's place. yong an park!!! how
can you not know by now???


**as usual,the usual people are expected to come
(am i being crude here?heh.),it's a potluck,so if
you can cook,whip smthg up,if u cant,pls buy
smthg better than your cooking!! touche!

the night out

at holland v. for dinner.had thai express! with many insects flying around.

some place below hooters.heh. evidently,owing tom the fact that hooters was just above us,the urge to become crazy was overwhelming for amanda lee,and that led to her insane behaviour. when i say crazy,i mean illogical,irrational,downright loony.

happy bday to my brother and joyleen,do u all remember her? oh,my freaking brother got an mp3/cd-r/fm discman. so not fair. with plug-in speakers so he can get surround sound in his room.bleah. not fair. unfair. ok whatever,shant mope around. must study. 20 amino acids and their structures,how to remember all that when i have the memory of a gray and old spinster? oh well. off i go.

p.s.:damn, all my links and such got pushed down to the bottom. oh well.

Sunday, July 04, 2004



am i cool or what?after so many years of failure,im happily toying around with html,though it took me forever to get that prtugal word out!!!ahhaha. anyhow, since my fav boys are in portugal, im supporting them now. to christianto ronaldo,luis figo, rui jorge,rui costa...and forgot the last guy who's great. anyhow,hope they win,coz it wld be a first for portugal,and 1st time a host country has won the euro,in how many years? aint sure. anyhow, gonna stay up to watch the match.it's the last,and i cant bear to miss it.ahhaha. yay....

oh, went to chijmes on saturday. so blazing hot,and so freaking crowded. but,saw tons of pple. yea. they were giving away free balloons,and im sucha big kid,but took the royal blue and white..IJ colors!!!ahhaa. i was such a bimbo.i loved the balloons so tenderly,too bad the blue flew away(in taka!and no one noticed it rise into the ceiling above kfc.)but i still have the slowly deflating white one. ahhaa. ooooh. trina,rena and myself bought the car decal!!!will out up a pic of it soon! when i figure out how to connect my cam to the laptop.im an idiot,dont mind me.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


did i ever mention how muddle-headed i am? yeps. i am. smart ole' me though that after ipc prac,which is scheduled to end at 12,but ended at 11 instead, was a nice long break for me. so took a long, long break,not realizing that ABC lect starts at 12,NOT 1pm.stupid me. DOH! by the time i reached the bottom of the building,u know,the stairs to the M.E. block,i saw all the lecture pple streaming out. damnit. darn. grrrrr. felt so irritated. fine. next time,i'll have to staple the timetable to my arm. the pain would be a 'gentle' reminder that i have somewhere to go.

HOLLAND!!!!! ROCK ON MY BOYS!! i may love portugal, but HOLLAND,you're the underdogs,so i will support you. woo-hooo! it's gonna be a tough match,coz their both promising teams. VAN NISTELROOY!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

but i love you too,my darling FIGO!!!!and Christianto ROnaldo!!!!!