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Sunday, August 31, 2003

hey hey!!!~!!!

w0wEE....~ was my cell bio test fun or waD??? fucking screwed. rmbered evrything in the morning...but when i sat for the test, the bloody answers were floating arnd my head...and probably got caught in the cobwebs, coz i couldnt shake them out!! suckers. but wad's done's, done's. nothing i can do abt it. *sigh*. rite now..i dont have the mood to pick up my physio notes. so...unappealing to look at...sooo...distasteful. urgh. trying to find things to occupy myself with. im not really planning on passing physio. coz...it's utter rubbish. lame..i just realized..my pictures cant be seen by others! thnx for the tip "kelly"...ehehehe. whoa...~ suxx. i mean...ok..shall enlighten u. these days..fp lyke sucha small handful of us. lyke..really saddening (<= is there sucha word?), yea...and more and more dropping out. i used to think i wld be the first to leave..but i held on. im proud of myself. actually, no. tt's coz i dont give up things so easily. i wld just stick with it till the end. tt's me. why give up when u've gone this far? it cant get any worse..can it? even if it does...hurt means experience. yeps. u may think im typing crap..well...to tell ya the truth...so do i. ok, wad else? oh...all u "evil" doers who see my new page...stop ur sniggering!!! it's a goldfish..not a clownfish!! yes..i am NOT nemo!!!...helloo...goldfish...ok. good. STOP LAUGHING!!!! can hear u bastardous guys laughing. heh. *chuckle*. okok..fine. well...to all da teachers...enjoy ur day of rest tmr, coz the pupils will give ya all more hell than ever when sch reopens!!ahahahhaa. yeps..and to all me mates...hMmMM...nothing to say. yeps. the usual boring cliche stuff...take care..study hard..cya soon..so cliche..common. urgh. makes me sick. but it's the only "universal" terms of greeting, rite? oh well. wad can i do to change the world's habits? cultures? nothing...coz im just a mere girl..powerless...and opinions tt i voice are all in vain. so wad's the use of giving my opinions if no one appreciates it? tt's why i lyke to talk nonsense all the time. coz pple appreciate tt more than my sincerity of opinions. yeps. shan't say anything more. will make more enemies if i do.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

where's it gone to??

im just thinking...how do i make an archival thingy? oh well. anyway..got cell biology test up soon, friday - to be precise. urgh. up till now havent finished studying. yesterday fell asleep, and dreamt that "chitin" were headless giant insects zipping all over the place. nightmare. sign that i shouls go learn wad chitin really is. so yea. today tried studying. but...but... just cant absorb anything? too sleepy. urgh. oh well. taking a break now. shall resume studies shortly. okok..now. but... my bro is playing the playstation...so tempting..yes..im so childish..but it's addictive...ooooo.....nvm. wells, anyway...tried calling the cab company...but they neva told me if my hse kkeys got returned..who da fuck wanna keep keys of someone they dont even know? sheesh. wad is this world coming too. oh well. shall stop here. 2 days left. and i think friday morning i wont be free to do last minute studying, so yea.

Monday, August 25, 2003

FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!FUUUUUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!I AM SO SCREWED. lost my hse keys. tt sux. and i know my mom gets into a bombardous mood when i make "trivial" mistakes lyke this. well. she did. great huh. now i cant go out at all during this 2 weeks study break. suxx. fuck her. fuck fuck fuck
it just dropped outta my bag. how am i supposed to know? fuck. cant go out. if i do wanna leave the hse..gotta leave b4 or same time as the last person who leaves the hse. fuck it. lucky friday im going back 2 sec sch. then at least can go out after c. bio test. fuck. how can i do this 2 myself??? how could she do this 2 me??? ok..my mistake. careless. but wad the fuck does she want me to learn from this? responsibility by locking me in the hse? fucking pissed. at least she didnt cane me to death. bet if this happened last yr, i wld be dead by now. pple scared of their dads' abusing them..im shit ass terrrified of me mom. suxx. i can fight her off, but if i do..i would just be in for more shit. so why put up a fight when im in a lose-lose situation? sheesh. it aint fair. but who said life would be easY? ok..fucking off to bed. no..gonna watch tv. urgh. hating everything rite now. no. not really. just my mother - fucker.

care bear me
Gay Bear
Gay Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
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i'm a gay beaR? wadD?just because i lyke purple doesnt mean im gaybear! ahaha..nothing against the gays..but...a carebear tt's crooked? wad is this world comig to.but at least this is funny. cheer myself up. better being "gay"(both denotative and connotative) then to be gloomy and pissed.rite?

Sunday, August 24, 2003

omg!!!i'm nemo???i'm nemo???

heyya..~ ok...blogging is pretty fun..once i find out how 2 get into my login in under 30minutes. yes. im still a hopeless blog case.hahahaha. wow. got school tomorrow..sheesh..extra lecture. tension...must "relac". lyke real..im so super laid back alreadY...i think i better START studying. ok..but im oh so super lazy to.
'sinking, falling, dont let me break, save me from my unblithe fate'<--dunno where i got tt from,just made it up and pasted it on irc. hehehe. pple must think im some lovestruck being, so lost in love..well..to clear whichever stranger's doubts...i am not in love. nopes. nah-uh. ok. feel lyke a small kid. well..here r the reasons why: 1. dont think anyone wld fall for me...i mean..look at me!!ahahaha and 2. wadd da hell? relationships r a waste of time...~. yeps. my very own theory. i am anti-relationship. it justs causes pple to fall head first into hot soup. no, it aint abt finding ur soulmate...it's abt testing ur own level of tolerance...ahahaha. yes..i am morbid.yeps...today went to church..wow..was..on time!!! well..earlier then some other pple...*wonder who*. well, well...wow..having alomost no life now. gotta teach tt bratty p6 girl..she's a real dumbo. especially in english. i did not choose to teach her..i am committed to teach her. and that suxx.coz she's lousy in everything. could just die. urgh...im doing this for me yeye. NO...my yeye is not my grandpa..for those of you who know abt him..good. if not..shall enlighten you. my "yeye" is my uncle...me mom's cousin. cant rememebr when i started calling him yeye..but when i started..i neva knew it meant grandpa. so accustomed to it alreadY.heh. woah..rite now..my dad has made me into a comic book junkie. he goes and borrows tons of comic books from the orhcard library. my favs...X-men, batman. wow...batman is my alltime fav, used to have tons of the toys..(still do)...ahaha...ok..im nuts. hMmM...sounding so ultra bimbotic. sheesh. ok. just thinking abt rena. wonder wad she's up to now. enjoying herself? missing her friends? ij friendS? or the vj friends? it seems weird..i sense that she's closer to the vjc pple.yea. especially when she patronised their "close-knit" friendship, by wearing that blasted "recsrox" tee..that SHE designed for them. ok..am i jealous or waD? no..i aint jealous..i just feel that..pple changed. all of us have. some for the better, others for the worse...and yet more are unrecognizable. okok. im just feeling bitter that some idiots think that just becoz u dont cry means ur not sad that a good friend is departing the country. wad da fuck lar. pple grieve in different ways man. can't you understand tt? wad's more...u know im a person who lykes to put on a happy front, so why cant you just accept it? i mean...sheesh. it's been just over 6 months...and i feel as though we've all lost a thousand years between us.as we grow, we grow to suit different pple. our personalities change. but i feel the only change i've made is to be a little more introverted...a first ever for me. guess poly is a wee bit intimidating. the vast amounts of pple and their different characters....very intrigueing. well...shall stop here. just feeling inferior. no..not the rite word. feeling...out of placE? well..sometimes. even a little lonely at times. though im getting quite accustomed to loneliness these past few months. but, i guess there isnt a choice. ok. some pple have problems, and they think their the only ones with problems. heh. rubbish. wateva it is, wateva problems and difficulties we have to face, there wld always be someone out there in this world who would be facing a similar situation. we cant be selfish and think only we understand ourselves. coz...that suxx.yea. shall stop being so chatty now.gd nite..is it still nite?

which nemo character
You are NEMO!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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is it fate or waD? i'm nemo? i'm nemo? wad da hell....this is sucha scam. their all just out to get me. sheesh.

ahh...smell of success...

OH MY GAWD!!!!! finally...after 1-and-a-half years, and 4 previously failed blogs(i didnt know how to edit them then!), i have finally attained a blogspot i can call my own!!..well, hope it would be more successful than my webbie. i kinda abandoned my webbie, coz it took up too much time. hehehe. great. erm..now all i need is a tag board..how do i get tt?? oh well. im fine without one as well. dont think anyone wld leave me msgs anywaY. hah. so sad. oh well...now i must go figure out how 2 make all the links. yes yes...i'm an html idiot. and a blog idiot, and a computer idiot. okok. urgh. just preferred writing in my book, rather than typing. but i always seem 2 misplace my diary, in trying to hide it(get the irony?), that i thought, maybe a blog would suffice. it would neva get lost, unless super computers reigned this world, and humans were to be banished to the most primitive, no-internet-connection at all desolate place. ahahahha. im mad.wow. think i should divide my entry into paragraphs. so darn long it looks. but who bothers to read them? even if i said that i want lee kuan yew to be my sugar daddy, dont think any would notice in this muddle of words. okok. my mistake. i think i just brought you, the reader, to my attention, through that erroneous statement on lee kuan yew. ehehehe. oops...my mistake. ok...need to do some spring cleaning in my mind, clear out all the dusty corners, that used to be filled with IT knowledge, just a mere 3/4 days ago. sheesh. oh. i just made a fish blog, but dunno wad happened, it just changed to this cool bathtub retro design. wow. i unknowingly changed it. im a real klutz with computers.

okok. now...on to my rantings. oh..erm...i forgot? oh, anyway today had dumb IS classes, the WAA test was fucking easY...did it in 10-15 mins. benji was rite. god...then tt stupid C.A.T.S. can die. i let slip that our artifact was shoddy, that idiot teacher (can neva rmb his name!!) used it back to rebuke me. as usual..crapping my way through the presentation, coz i didnt know wad it was about. hate this. kinda dont lyke my members. shant mention names. urgh..im in the i hate evryone mood rite now. fuck them. fuck.fuck.fuck. wow. not exactly relieved, but it helped a bitsy. oh. urgh. lost for words...im stuck. god..oh god...stupid tests coming soon. freaks. fucked up. im just so sick and tired of well...everything. feel so useless. hah. i sound lyke sucha selfish brat. well..think i am really. bigG braT. yoWcH!!..my damn dog keeps on biting me, she thinks my hands r teething toys.only 3 months and alreadY so vicious. so aint life fun for me? both humans and animals hate me. the muohan fish in my home try to jump out and snap me, my hamsters taunt my dogg, and they try escape from their humble home. why? i really love animals...but they treat me lyke..here comes irony...an animal. hah. nah..think they still love me..but i have my doubts about the luohans. woah..wanna enjoy the high life.

*sigh*just thinking now. having flashbacks..am i dying? nah...ahahha...just reliving memories. moments once cherished..now woe and begone...thinking back..i realized..some "good friends" of mine..well..weren't really "good friends", if u get wad i mean. ok..i starting to talk rubbish. better stop here. only my first entry and im rattling on and on and on, lyke some senile old lady. hah. ok...it's not tt late, 3 minutes to midnite? goo nite then, just before the morning starts.

Saturday, August 23, 2003

testing. testing. 1.2.3. ehehehe..ok....just testing. finally!!!