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Tuesday, June 29, 2004


OH MY GODD!!!!!!!!!!!!it was so dark and creepy! ok,due to the fact that i had been in school earlier,and they were just sharing ghost stories.wow,ngee ann is actually haunted,i never knew,now, it creeps me out,can feel goosebumps,coz its the places i go to,like the toilet. urgh. cripes! oh, had psf meeting, so shaiful received a call saying his area had a blackout,everyone was laughing. fine, i found it extremely funny,as he was concerned about his fish/stingrays. oh,thanks to the ghost stories,i decided to stay under lighted areas as i trudged home. you know what freaked me out the most? the moment i stepped into the house,and switched on the toilet light to take a shower, BOOM! total darkness. being the coward that i am,i immediately called for my dog to come to me.ahahaha. then i blindly dashed to the sofa,knocking over several things in the process. ahhahaha. sitting in pitch darkness,(thank god i live high up,so the air was cool) dog on lap,door ajar,the neighbours were making so much noise.you know what my biggest relief waS? that i was not stuck in the elevator when the power failure occurred.thank god. i wld have screamed like a maniac,though i wouldn't admit that to anyone if it had happened. what if,im alone,then suddenly,i feel as though im not alone anymore! eeKs!!!im scaring myself now.damn.gotta sleep alone in a bedroom somemore.wish my sis wld move back in.aaahhhhh. scary.

i wasted my day away today.(wow,how many '-ays' were there in tt sentence?hahah) IS in the morning.totally sucked. POM is shit-ass boring,the woman has a cool name, 'kendra',but she's such a long-winded bore. then COM Issues.god. not exactly thrilled with the people sharing that subject with me. kinda regret,wanna go switch to smthg else.damnit. nvm.just gotta live with it. arrived home almost 1pm,then,took a nap.woke up at 5+.late for psf.damn.ahhaa. i need to have time management lessons,maybe tt kendra woman can teach me. ok. school in the evening,they tied up loose ends,and planned some funding thingy.then they had another round of truth or dare up for dibs. wow,it seems to be a growing trend to play it. unlucky me.im always unlucky.always 'tio'. twice. grrr.truths are too boriing.dares,too..erm...concentrated on one subject. ok.shall spare all my readers the details. but it was funny. anyhow,my spine tingles whenever i think of the tales from the (ngee ann)crypt. *ting*. ahhaha.

Monday, June 28, 2004

this thingy is from my old website,and i wanna know how i can fit it in the sidebar,coz when i tried to do that,everything got enlarged,and ugly.oh well. really love it though.

ok,so first day of school wasnt so bad after all.except in the morning. ong lai. god,walking into an LT,not knowing a single soul,and looking at all the freakzoids in the orientation tee. anyhow,an ij girl can never run away,huh? will always be a tour guide. pple asked me where this blk was,and that LT is. gosh,one girl asked me where 51B was,and we were just standing in front of the sign.plus,i was going into that very LT as well. hahah.yea,and ben was right,all the freshies,and other kiasu pple,running for their classes.never in my life have i ran for a class.ok,in sec n pri sch.but not poly.u'll get pooped out.look at the immensity of the campus! anyhow,ipc lect sucked.left halfway..just rmbered,i forgot to sign my attendance. damnit.wad a way to start over. and im thinking if i shld attend the ipc lect tmr.gosh. such a hard up life. my fault.urgh. oh, but instrumentation lect was kick-ass! haha.to put it subtley, the subject was boring,the lecturer is boring,but his actions and speech is hilarious! so much so,alvin took pictures and video clips of him.talk about having a ball of a time on the 1st day! i mean,really, someone who says 'noots' meaning 'notes'. u dont find that funny?nvm,u gotta see the clip to enjoy the humour.

it's good to be back,despite all the academic hardships im gonna face. i can just sense it.guess really gotta keep my nose to the grindstone.grrr. wanna start anew.but in skipping lect today,im doing the exact same thing.help. it's always the same.cant afford to fail anything.hoping i at least do fairly well.then if i can cope,will take driving lessons,and my mom would eventually get me my own car.whether it's beat-up or not,it's a car. and i would be proud to call it my own,no matter how cha-pa-lang it would look. oh well. long way more. just bummed out that im not allowed to get a vespa.my dream. besides a VW beetle. hah.


*sigh*. love that damned vehicle so much. oooh!!! this is gonna sound so bimbotic,but i really wanna watch 'mean girls'!!!god. lindsey lohan movie.wanted to catch the 'confessions of a teenage drama queen' as well. am i a bimbo? somewhat possible.ok.havent seen a movie in ages.harry potter was the last one. cant wait!!!! *bimbo giggle*

Sunday, June 27, 2004

True Blue - An IJ Arts Fest

3rd to 4th July 2004

ok,finally found out when it happens!!this coming weekend!!! wow, sure to see tons of pple there. so come on,let's show some ij spirit! *life has been quite a drag since leaving ij,so yea,of course im excited!*

gahh...school starts tomorrow.kinda dreading and anticipating it both at concurrent times. sheesh. dreading?coz my first lect (mind you,at 8am...means i cant watch my czech vs denmark match tonight!! but my czechies,pls win!!!) is ipc,screw ong lai lar. gonna sit in with a buncha freshies.awkward once again.wonder if anyone else failed ipc...ahahha.im being evil,but at least i would have a companion. ok. cant wait to be 'reunited' with ben,yao,alvin,etc. plus,their all in the same class...and glad the lecturers understood me,and placed me in some of the same classes as them.phew. looking at my timetable now,it looks so bare!!! dear ong lai, looking at my pretty empty schedule,i could have fit in another module you know.u bitch lar. fail me coz of practical.what a lousy excuse. freaking hell. thinking abt it makes me pissed all over again. oh well. tomorrow i shall see her,at 8-fucking-am. shall send evil energy to her.give her the evil eye. buy myself a skinny little munjen voodoo doll and stick test tubes up its arse. oh,not forgetting to put some shit acidic liquid in it,then turning the test tube upside down,so her guts get sizzled.im a sadistic person,so sue me.

on to more heartier things. damn.the thoughts just strayed out of my mind.damn. damn. im making myself angry.ok. lighten up...lalalalalalala.

anyhow,rena,im so glad ur gonna be home soon. we must hang out ever so much,and i wanna meet shawn in person,as i missed out the last time. interrogate him.hahahahah. oh yes! another gathering!!!


p.s:did you pple notice that my html skills improved?ahahha.so proud of myself.no more that illiterate.yay!


ok,i just made a grave mistake,an irreversible one. anyhow,it can make or break my enjoyment level in school this coming semester.which, btw begins in 2 days. omg. school, such a dRag!!!

ok,25th, the production went great. yes, hide-it cast was perfect.erm...cant say that about myself though. kinda my fault for the minor(i really hope they weren't major!) screw-up of lines.oops! sorry guys! thoroughly enjoyed myself. and both glad and sad that it's over. though there were differences at first,we managed to pull through adversity and well, come up on top. you know what? before going on,and actually, whilst onstage, for the first time in my life,i was nervous.thank god the lights partially blinded me.phew~. oh yea,happy coz it's finally over! no more frantic line-memorizing,and no more rehearsing.though i dont dread those,it can be tiring. sad,coz well, will miss the times we did stupid things,fun stuff during the rehearsals. im at a lost of words right now. ive just exhausted my brain typing an email i now have doubts about.

anyway, ij's 150th anniversary coming up pple!!!anyone attending the arts fest over at chijmes??? im pretty keen.ok,certain im going,but..when is it again? heh.

Friday, June 25, 2004

am i hungry?

not really. though im craving for ching chong fun. more sesame seeds, put the sauce at the side.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

getting old and blind

i think i am. trying to understand a book seems harder now,and i keep on reading the same lines over again,coz i think im going blind. gahh. dull.
*hope my perfect eyesight lasts till at least 21*

Friday, June 18, 2004

back from the 'windy city'

yea!! my sis' godma and my cousin are back from chicago. we havent seen them in 4 long years. lucas has grown so much!! now he's 7!!! cool. anyhow, the biggest joke! my aunty wanted to buy clothes for my sis, but she wasnt too sure about the size..so she got lucas, her son, to try them on! mind you, it's now t-shirts,jeans or even a blouse, but the poor boy had to try on spag tops, skirts, dresses,..and worst of all a bikini!!! ok..that's really sad. ahhaha. he gets so angry whenever he sees that blue bikini. ahahhaa. their gonna come live with us next week. coz lucas wants to swim every day. oh...i'll have the house to myslef next week!!!everyone's going to malacca, and dad's going to new zealand!!!lalalalalalala. yay!!! *anticipating next weekend* cant wait.

thought today cld relax in the comfort of my own home, unfortunately, thanx to the arrival of the chicagoens(heh), went to suntec,to freaking let belle and lucas feed the fucking koi,in the fucking hot pond area.the only part of suntec that isnt in the freezing aircon. fucking hot. i was irate. damn the kids,i hate kids. kept hitting me with balloons,playing 'tag' around me.urgh. and screaming in my ear. my god. felt like stabbing them. but can't. damn. oh yea, those who have my new starhub number...call that number! dont call the other..u know,the 'free incoming' service. fantastic man. hahaha. ok,i was deprived of that before,so taking full advantage now. aight./

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

dare queen

oh my god!!! today is the first time in my life i've ever done so many dares in a span of a few hours,in fact, in an entire day!!!ever!! ahahaha. and it all started in macs. stacey,chanced upon ur blog(from shaiful's irritating site!) and read ur account. wrong wrong wrong!!ahaha.admit it!!u found him hott stace! aahha. yes yes. she managed to snag a free ice-cream coupon from the cashier at macs,this indo guy.yeps, then she desperately seeked his attention by going down to get some mayo,and not wanting to be such a pain,she asked me to redeem her stupid ice-cream!!ahha.that's when the sprout of dares begun!so i marched downstairs(we were at KAP btw) and got her gross ice-cream, then asked 'irman'(?) for his number. it was hilarious.he was so nervous and frantically looked for a pen...i was controlling my laughter. anyhow,stace was beyond shocked,and so thinking herself smart,went down to ask for the other guy's number.ahahhaa. joke. he lives in the same hse as the 1st guy,so they had the same number!!silly cowass girl gave them the paper back! broke their pitiful hearts. ahaha!!!back at sch...went back,not for rehearsals but for a truth/dare session. interesting. my god, let me list the things i did today then:
-macs number asking
-rashad 'encounter'(dont ask!!ahahah)
-kissing someone(i almost got killed!)
-going to some taekwando master and saying 'hai-ya!'in some wonky kungfu stance
-nothing i think...but joined in lots of hilarious activities.

oh. rehearsals today.i totally had a mindblank.help! cldnt even rmb a single line. tt was embarrassing. omg! my make up. audrey..u started off quite well..and then..i slowly became a wayang act. stacey looked dead, adi looked like one of the drag crew, but sara..was normal! oh well. never ever let jiayuan be your makeup artist pple!u heaR?ahahha. ok.enough reporting for one day. on to business.

what is up with flooding my tagboard? i would LOVE to meet up with you pple to solve this matter once and for all. confrontation...or,more subtley, face-to-face is much better than typing meaningless stuff out. and i dont need 30+ pple backing me just to talk to someone. are u all that afraid of facing me by urself? just to tell you, im coming alone.i dont get my friends involved in personal matters,even if they happen to be involved, i wont rope them in just to have a defence wall built to support me. foolish pple.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Euro 2004!!!!!!

ooooooh!!!!! forgot to mention about my darling soccer!!!! im so devastated for portugal..and my darlingest old man, LUIS FIGO!!!! figo figo figo!!! oh well...hope they do better against is it russia for their next match? aint sure. someone in group A,either spain or russia. ooh!!! france won!!! should have bet on that!!but it was a risky match, i knew they would improve since their world cup flop. but glad zidane scored!!! and the papers dubbed france the new 'gone in 60 seconds'. amazing 2 goals. cool!!! anyhow...hope italy wins the match for group C!!!! cant wait!!

p.s: dirty greeks!!!but they were on form..have to hand it to them.

Monday, June 14, 2004


Mr. AndrewTeo: thanks for impostering me on my own tagboard. by the way, your gf is a bitch,and there's nothing i can do about it. plus, i didn't know my blog was that famous,or infamous, to be deemed 'notorious'. i am honoured to have you here. that was a sarcastic remark, in case you didn't know.

oh yes, just a little dedication to my VIPs, Mr Andrew Teo and Ms Xiao Fei. yes everyone, honourary members of my exclusive club, where they love to bitch about me all day long, while sipping on cosmo martinis. how posh!

anyway, on to my day. i regret not getting a job. ok, maybe babysitting is a job. but,im not getting paid!! gahhhh. and my sister thinks she's the new female rap star of the year, donned in a pink tracksuit and one of my caps. wad an ass.shall upload a pic soon,when i figure out how to tt is!!! oooh! bought 'the da vinci code' by dan brown. absolutely riveting!!!im so glued to it, that i can throw out some of my coveted daytime cable tv!!!hahhahaa. actually,i dont have a choice. coz the cable box is only for the living room tv,and that's where the brats are addicted to the playstation. my house is like one giant arcade..and the electricity bill has hit the roof!!! ahahhaa. arcade indeed. air-con switched on at full blast,to the point that i where a jacket around the house,and my dog lays curled up in her basket, with the tv,computer,gameboy, just about every electronic device is not spared from the wrath of bored holiday-makers. ahhaha. except for rehearals, dull days lay ahead for me. oh, cant remember if i mentioned it before, but im taking ipc next sem for sure. yucks. well,next sem i'll see if i can squeeze the module im missing out on,into my 2nd sem of yr 2. i shall work my magic once again. im adament on getting what i want,call me selfish,but who cares? def. not me. ooooh..i need a touch-up on my dragonfly though. it's kinda faded.like the purple and pink merged into one funny colour. oh well...soon i guess. aaahh....ALIAS is back!!watching it now..rocks...oh, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S was hilarious!!! joey using the thesaurus, for every word!!!hahhaa...'joey tribianni' became 'baby kangaroo tribianni'.and tons more. omg....i really should go out and do smthg,get a new hobby...if not i'd just be quoting tv shows. ahahhaha. nvm,school's reopening soon.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

the long chat

isnt it funny the way the world works? anyhow, had a good long chat with someone. and,she amnaged to convince me to go for something i would never have dreamed of. my gosh, the irony! yesterday's entry(2nd half) is a total opposite of what i promised to do. yes. if u happen to chance upon my blog,here i admitted it! i will give it a shot at the end of this year. it better be good! i only have one criteria, if it clashes with school,then, oops,too bad. so..happy now?? i will be true to my word. i know im older,but keep me company!!!!! you are truly blessed, you've changed so much since i knew you...and i never knew you to be compassionate and so sensitive and understanding. it's great. and dont worry so much about the materialistic diva. she'll be fine. trust me. and you know the 'bomb' you were talking about? i think i just found the label for mine, and it reads "angeline".

Friday, June 11, 2004


hmm..just realized my last few entries seems to be latched onto school and ong lai,which is assocaited with school. well, anyhow, yet another academic entry then. surprise! ong lai ahsnt replied. this time i shot my guns at her,as i realized the 'humble' approach wasnt effective. she just felt i was weaker,and overrode whatever i mentioned. affecting me so much. my fault i screwed up my results,i know that for a fact, but be merciful lar,bitch. sheesh. anyhow...signed up for my IS modules today. maybe i should have piked starting a business, but heck lar, at least the principles of management thingy, has ben n ching inside,familiar faces, i would die if im left in a class of strange morons,at least familiar idiots would be a comfort. yeps, and picked exploring contemporary issues. coz i havent a clue wad it's about, but seems fairly simple. talking. my forte. yeps. looks like some discussion of sorts, oh well, just gonna work super hard this time. hoping i really get to do my fish this term too! i can handle 5 modules!!! give it to me!! i will study!! promise! i just havent studied studied since...primary school? last minuting gets me somewhere,so why put in more effort? anyhow...promise to study...promising myself. trying to convince myself. failing.damn. no!!!!! study!!!! should i start revising ipc now? omg...yes...maybe i should..urgh..but i hate it. no choice. school. such a burden. science,not my thang. ambition,veered to science. understand my plight? gaaahhh. retardation.

oh, im angry with you. you know who you are. (no pple,it's not some estranged lover,coz i aint got one!) yea, asking me stupid questions,thought-provoking,but its only provoked me to retaliate. so im different from the rest of you. what do u expect?a clone army? then what would this world be. i know it's been abt 2 days since that barrage of msgs, but it's still floating in my head. actually, its banging against the walls of my skull,so much so,it hurts. why do u have to target me?am i some sort of experiment?like,you and a panel of doctors are analyzing my every thought/speech/gesture. it annoys me. just becoz i gave u the brute honest truth,doesnt make me the enemy sent from satan.yes, this is a god related thing,dont deny. hypocrites. most church-going pple,especially the really pious ones, are the biggest hypocrites of them all. and you think u can psycho me into condoning to ur whims,well, think again! im not one whose spine you can bend,coz i am my own person. u bend to me,not i to you,i dont care how old you are. hate is too strong a word to use, but i feel it's the only one available to me at the moment. running away from god? and u blame me for giving lame excuses? wad kind of qs/excuse is that for a person living in her own world of opinion on the subject? i guess ur not going about this person correctly..all your years of analysing and facilitating pple have come to a standstill,and im happy to be the one responsible for it. am i ranting? i dont care. im too blinded by tt burning anger inside of me. as i mentioned,no one can force me to do anything i dont wanna do,that includes you. and any goddamn cow from our blasted church. you all can have your fun and games,your praise and worship,which btw, did i mention how much i hate tt?,but i still let you all do it am i right?i dont stop u all from praying n singing wadever hymn-nonsense, just,i dont want to be a part of it. so elave me be. i like to take things one step at a time,even if it's just half a step.urgh. u disgust me.

Monday, June 07, 2004

up and running

back!!!! yea..had church camp, so didnt go for the auditions people!!!! anyway..the queue was exceptionally long,so i dont think i would camp overnight there or smthg. im pretty tired. anyway... i havent spoken to ong lai yet people..but it looks like im doing ipc again next sem..and graduating 6 months late..i dont have a choice now. just sad that i cant be in the same class anymore...yeps..see u all in lecture lar. just crossing my fingers over which classes i would be joining..ahahah. ooooh...got my dragonfly..did u know? ahhaa...yao was like 'aahhh' ahaha. funny. ok..shall show u when school starts. ok, too tired to update anymore. gonna unpack now..cya soon pple. will try my best to persuade ong lai. *sigh*. next to impossible though. help me sign some petition form..ahaha...title "Bring Joyce Back" ahhaha.