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Saturday, November 29, 2003

working girl

i'm officially a working class citizen of singapore. wow. i've neva worked so hard in my entire life. im renowned for my ultimate laziness and "slackerity",but ever since i started this shithole job at hilton with auntie christine..my feet r aching. yea, but working there is earning easy cash,an i get to learn abt cakes,chocs,pastries,and working in f&b makes me lose weight.i dont feel lyke eating any of the cakes, and ahhaa..finally learn how to do girly stuff lyke tie ribbons,make bows. mind over matter. but my feet still hurt. oh, had dinner with nic and anne today.ahhahahaa. genki.bad service. fucked up service. ahhahaha. but....nic and i decided, joanne, u can have the two plates that u all dumped on me for your xmas pressie....oops....that was supposed to be a surprise. ahahha.okok.im bored. wanna go embassy tmr.my mom allowed it.she said "No bar-top dancing for you,i dont wanna pay fees for damages." wad an ass she is. as if i wld get on and boogie there. ahahha. oh yea..nic got her tattoo today. after a so-called year of pondering,ahaha..she and he sudden "craving" for holy trinity sign. mad girl.but after crazily flipping through the motifs books at borders. fucker-roonie...my feet r freakin' aching to the max. urgh. feel lyke ripping the damn hush puppy court shoes apart. flicking the leather pieces away fro me..flecks here n there. hehhee.oh yea...silly cow girl got her medievel-celtic-looking thing from a bloody book that she bought. ahha. ok, i conspired it, i told her to buy the book.ehhehe. not bad lar her design. pretty cool. makes me wanna get my animal tattoos. fine..i can hear all the sniggering right at this moment. yes, im weird. i want dragonflies,gecko n frog tatz. ahhaha. im an avid animal lover. but now bitches on my body please. dragonflies!!!!!wad's more, i forked out some cash for her tatz, and it makes me even more tempted to do it. to the brink off, wanting to get off the bus. woah..but hers was a bleedy-weedy.heh. omg...temptation is strong shit. want my dragonflies.but i want it in sucha a crazily prominent place.god..how to hide it from my over conservative dad?nah, but if it's done, they wont blow $10,000 on lasering it off. heh.that wld be insane. am i right? god...im not having any doubts at all. im ready, steady, all for it. bring it on.im not scared of the pain,just the hell i wld get from my parents.damn. shall think it over tonight. as if. im gonna sleep peacefully now. ahahaa. god....heart palpitations. ok,nvm. will live for tomorrow.

maybe im being hasty, but i really want my dragonflies. ok. think i shall get them after xmas. i cant get one while im working at hilton. it wld be uncomfortable. wad nonsense gibberish am i yabbing abt?

Monday, November 10, 2003

arseholific day

lazing/bumming/moping/ambling around my house today. supposed to go for job interviews, but im too lazy. i want money --- the easy way. to fall from the sky..or into my lap. yikEs. floozy-doozy-jabroni. up to my neck in televisionism. well well. wadya know...church is live n kicking again. back to forcing/threatening/bribing(okok..more lyke coaxing) pple to go for undesirable camps, esp this one, with pesky brats running/screaming/peeing everywhere. urgh. distasteful. alritey..cant think of anything else to say. '

cept tt i need cash.

may i emphasize this statement: "...in times such as these..please donate to the needy..sacrifice that $50 or more to the 'Save the jobless Joyce Arriola' campaign. We help raise funds for needy victims of joblessness,as well as those suffering from shopperholicism and phoneterlitis. So send ur donations to Chuan Park today!"

thank you!!!

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

wad da fuck?!?!?!

why the fuck is my name appearing as my signature sign-off?????fuck...i changed it..it's stated changed...wad da fuck..i wanna sue blogger!!!always having malfunctions.

upTowN giRLs!!!

yeps..caught that movie yesterday!!! excellente!!!absolutely spiffed by it. 'cept for the ending. lame. who da hell incuperates guitars into ballet? as in...dancing with the guitars? oh well..every director has his way...i guess. wel well, was supposed to be an eventful day where my fellow monkey cld hook up with his beloved..but alas...all is in vain. she neva showed..and we(yao,benji and i) had to entertain the poor fella. okok.making him sound victimized. but hell..we had fun..somewhat. the movie was hilarious...seriously..despite the low ratings it got...i had a laugh-of-a-time. thanx to Alvin for showing yao and i where the vintage clothing shop was at far east!!!!and the lovely store with the grooviest tees....wow....love that store....it's mine....all mine...gonna use my last ounce of cash to buy them all. yes..and finally rediscovered my collage-lyke superstars!!!!omg...love them. but yao's rite..the more i look at them...the less attractive it is. but heck..i want it for myself!! yes..i need new apparel. new bag,new shoes, new clothes, and yes...not forgetting new underwear!!!!job job job job job...where are you?!?!?!?!im going insane. but hell yea...in order to achieve my ultimate goal(acquiring all the stuff!!) i gotta have cashflow. yups. ok..so irritating..rite now my bro and his friend are screaming at the top of their lungs whilst playing the ps. suxxx. im going deaf. oh well....cant wait to go out. today was supposed to tidy my just-survived-a-hurricane room, but ..*smirk*, wad da heck. i dont care. fuck....but my room is revolting. check out my all american rejects pic in the side panel...sweet!!!!love the lead....he's gorgeous. yups. no..i aint obsessed. just think their my fav for now. can neva stick to a fav..coz i lyke them all. ok....signing off. shall start on my room..though it's kinda late. eew....tmr got medical.blood test, urine test..damn..i cant believe i misplaced the medical form again!!!!screwed.fuck. wad the heck. zipping off off and away..........~~~

Tuesday, November 04, 2003

swept over with relief.

*hearts makes a leap* woo-hoo.u cant begin to imagine how happy i am...or wad a relief it is. i lyke exams to be over sooner. but..the results is wad i get all jittery about. i need to pass..for my own sake. my parents are having unrealistic ideas, lyke these(to quote):"make sure u get distinctions on all ur subjects." "there are only 3 or 4 subjects, u are capable of getting A's for all"...etc...fuck you. fuck fuck fuck. yeps.hmmm...i need a part time job...man...this suxx. i cant find one! ok..im really picky.oh well. scv's back and functioning in my hse. all the channels 'cept for start movies(i want it!!) & cinemax.okok. it's coming back at the end of this week. stupid dad..always cancelling scv when he finds that we watch too much. the worse is when he locks the set top. god...the agony. being the avid tV addict that i am...the worse thing that cld happen to me is having scv...but being unable to access it. urgh~. ok. i have an 'ominous' feeling that no one can see my star pic. oh well. nothing more to say. oh. im trying to something english again. wad i mean is that im gonna write one of my weird stories again.sine the beginning of the year..i havent done any english-related stuff..no writing..no nothing. just reading. reading. wad good is that if u cant apply wad u've read to wad u wanna do?ok..im ranting. ok...im getting so bored of blogging. grrr.....gonna watch a movie later with poly pals...tis' the first time we're going out..not counting the times we went out after school..but yea. *ucks* my shoulder blade is absolutely killing me. i need 2 change my pillow. yes..ive been teling me mom abt my pillow for months. sheesh. shall sign off now since im stumped for words.

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