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the bravery - out of line
baha men - best years of our lives
micheal buble & nelly furtado - quando quando quando
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Thursday, January 19, 2006

eye of wonderment

i meant to blog this ages ago, but jsut been too lazy to do so. anyhow, this isn't a hoax. the poor sod only survived one day of life. i couldn't even breathe in fresh air, for it didnt have a nose. a cyclops kitten without a nose. it looks adorable though. if only it had a nose, i wld like to have one as a pet. im cruel, but really, i think i would either be the envy of exotic pet owners, or be stoned by animal rights activists.

oh wait, has it really been a year? i realized i havent updated since last year(which was like 2 weeks ago). oh well, not much has happened except that i think 2006 is gonna be jinxed for me. jsut look at m list of blunders, and the first month is only halfway through.

1st jan - placed handphone in washer, followed by a nice tumble spin in the dryer. how excellent right.

4th jan - iPod conks out on me. gives me a frowning face, and motor spins like there's no tomorrow.

and other trivial matters which i dont bother to list down. am i unlucky or what? ok, currently reading 'sylvia and ted', wanted to try finishingit today, but im suffering from droopy-eye syndrome. about the lives of sylvia plath and ted hughes, invlved in some love triangle with assia wevill. i love ted's animal poem. i really do. sylvia is justa little too creepy for me. ok, some of her suicidal death-themed stuff are good, but reading her poetry often scares the bejesus out of you. ok, my brain is going loco on me.

shall update when i feel like it. i think my life is either tooo busy so i cant update, or too mundane to bother doing so. fuck, i wanted to type smthg so uber interesting earlier on, but i kinda got sidetracked. fuck. i dont even feel like going to school tmr. anyhow, due to lack of bran activity, and a tendency to forget my own thoughts, i shall sign off here. fuck, i really had smthg worth reading to type out. fuck it.