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Sunday, September 26, 2004

template switch

aint this a rad template? anyway, i dont know how to fit my links into it,as well as the tagboard, so if anyone stumbles upon this, please sms me and tell me how to fix it!!! i tried adding in my tag and links and stuff, but it just pops up in the weirdest of places. so yea. doing away with them for the time being. someone help me!!!!! thanx. if not, i guess i'll have to revert back to some shit ass template again. though the blogger customs are pretty cool nowadays. oh well. sticking to my guns(retro cars!) for the moment.

*im starting to like you more and more each passing day*

Saturday, September 25, 2004


to drive or be driven? im all excited now, coz lau told me they were signing up for driving on tuesday! this tuesday! that means i'll be eligible to be a road hog soon.dont laugh at that term u bastards. anyhow, i would rather drive myself around, because the thrill of being behind the steering wheel. i mean, who wouldn't want a chauffeur? but i feel that the purpose of purchasing a car u fancy, is so that u can have the pleasure of driving it around. so what good would it do to have someone else to live the dream? anyhow, im excited!!

ok, my aunty went to south africa for a few weeks, so she 'tompang' her maid in our house. and kusni rocks!!! she managed to clear up our clutter!!! coz she said she cldnt bear to be around the mess, and my mom was so thrilled with her. my room is so unbelievably neat, except for my bed area...which means, the heart of my room is uber cluttered, coz all my stuff is strewn all over this area. dang. but dust-free...yay. so now i have a dust-free-cozy-yet-still-a-little-cluttered room.

the play!! well, we've seen better rehearsals, but im glad (and sad!) that it's over. glad coz no more anticipating the big day, the bitterness that ocurred. sad because of the times we've all spent together, the fun times,the crazy things we did. i know we'll all share some more moments like these, but they would never be the same, aights? maybe i sound egotistical if i say this, but im glad people actually applauded my performance,and i heard some hints of cheers. yay! the thing is, not knwoing anyone at all in the audience(im not a loser ok!) really creeps u out sometimes, i was seriously nervous this time round, i cld actually see myself shivering...my hand was practically quivering, but i hope my voice wasnt. i think it didnt. it didnt. stop reassuring myself!!!! it's over.yeps. i loved the chocolate eclairs aDI!!!ahahhaa. the golden loot, our secret stash. but he was so kind to share it.

ok. i never mentioned it before, but im so in 'like' with someone, but i cant reveal who, as im sure this person reads my blog. darn it. it wasnt meant to be i guess. but seriously, this is the first time im head over heels about someone. seriously. im listening to "8th world wonder" by kimberly locke, and i think it's so close to my heart now, lalalala. feeling so lost, should i tell you? ive had mixed reviews frm several pple(who pls, for the love of god, dont go roaring about it to everyone,pls!) ,so imnot sure of wad to do right now. wad so special about you? tell me what? im not trying to be obsessive here, because im not, but im just sad tt tables have turned. know wad i mean? if u dont, then nevermind. my head is spinning, and im just dizzy with annoyance about myself. whatever. im going insane. usually im not bothered about who i like or whatever, but this time, i think it's brought itself up another notch. has it reached 'love' status? i hope not. love is a very powerfully emotion, that has been severely overused to the extent that pple arent sure what love is anymore. am i right? either that, or it's been under-rated. pple merely go around sayin 'i love you', but do they really mean it? or has it become as ordinary as a 'hello'? i think so. i shall stop ranting. if not this wld take forever.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

twas' the night

what's been going on lately with my life:

  1. i have to go for peer tutoring with some yr1s who are weak in my REPEATEd module. how embarrassing.
  2. i have 529576438956439070275203753275803270327 projects to do in 0.000000000046786 days.
  3. i have drama rehearsals. so do come on the 24th of september.
  4. i hate studying.
  5. i have no choice but to study to stay in school.
  6. i need to find a way to earn extra $$$ without working hard.
  7. i need to get a new desktop in my home.seriously.(pentium II doesnt exist no more.)
  8. i need to get a new television in my room. with cable,so i dont need to move out of my room.
  9. i also need a dvd player and a stereo in my room.and a mini-fridge.then i can live out of my room.great.
  10. i have to get rid of all the fucking spyware in my comp.
  11. i need to fucking kill alvin lee for calling me a fucking display set.
  12. i need to install a cheebye into alvin lee.meaning i would need to castrate him first.
  13. i need to write a short bio on myself,which i did,but jiayuan didnt receive coz stupid me sent it to god-knows-what email address.now i gotta rethink,and im brain dead,and i guess she's gonna shoot me dead anyway.

ok,enough "i"s for one day. let's jsut say it's getting late and im sort of dozing off. yes, today is the third(or 2nd,or 4th?) anniversary of sept 11th. sad sad time. but, it is tt bloody bush's fault anyway. clinton just screwed around,but bush fucked the afghans,hence leading us all into suffering and misery,and catalysing all other rebel militants to start bombing every "ang-moh" facility in their respective vicinities. and wad the fuck were the indo rebels thinking about? planting a bomb in the aussie embassy?the poor little girl had her brain blown to bits,her mom's dead, and she's got 2 dads fighting over her for custody. even if she regains consciousness,who to fuck has the right to claim her as his flesh and blood? the italian mafia,or the outback hunter? any old how, if i were her i wld rather die then to suffer the pain.endearing. eeeks. politics is always the main cause of war.it is.agree? tt's why im looking for a career with minimal involvement of politics.hence working with animals is a good way to start, even if there was politics,u wldnt be able to understand wad the fuck their neighing/barking/snorting/roaring/purring/squeaking about. truth be told, i hate humans. we think too much. we over-analyze situations. we jump to conclusions. we arent cautious in our ways.we're brash. whatever. im only human too,tt's why i think in this way. but if only life cld be so carefree. eat. sleep. look out for predators. mating. the essentials of life. bare minimum. how nice. but i cant imagine a life without television. i wld just die.

ooooh!!!!!!!!!!did i mention how cool it is to kill cute,lovable, innocent white mice??? yes i am sadistic, and am being totally opposite to my calling of being a veterinarian, but hwo cares? it was fun while it lasted. pressing down their litttle heads, and tugging at their tail at a 45-degree angle, till u see tt their dead. cool shit. slowly dissecting it by slicing open their outer covering,followed by flesh, snipping the fragile rib-cage open, before extracting the itsy spleen from them. i relish in killing them. fuck, i think im a sadistic evil bitch. but seriously, u gotta know how things die,before u can save them,aight? wait till u try it one day, though even some guys were squeamish about the killing. i cant wait to stick needles into those soft little things!!! but my hand was shaking like fuck. cant understand why.im not afraid, but i looked like i was suffering from parkinson's. how am i gonna perform surgery if i cant even hold the forceps straight? darn it. sometimes i wonder if science is the right path. must stick to it!!!suffer now, enjoy later. anyway, im looking forward to more hands-on stuff. thinking of going to be an asst to vets at polo club,spca,zoo or the vet. clinic at gardens.wldnt mind working for free. the experience is well worth it. but i havent any time!!! i havent even gone to spca since pri sch! used to help out there on weekends. so cool. now, finally got a pooch of my own,dont have time to care for others. sadd. anyway, gaining experience by working with vets wld also look good on my uni application,since my academic results are good enough for the dumps. and the unis i aspire to be at prefer those with exp working with clinics or whatever. darn it. im from singapore, how many places wld hire u for no apparent reason? damnit lar. ok, am i having deja vu, or have i mentioned this countless times before? whatever. it's just tt these are the only thoughts running through my mind right now. im so school-oriented. which is goood, yet my results are slipping away. whatever. life can only be good for this much, the rest is bad i guess. get the gist of what im saying?no? nevermind. as long as i understand myself then it's fine.