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Friday, April 28, 2006


it's about time i update. firstly i wld like to say that after lights years of silence, ngee ann finally responded with a rejection letter, which was promised to arrive by 14th april, but didnt come till the 21st. this blows, but who cares really. and then i get funny email in my inbox, shedding some light on the lsct gl situation.

now really, these people evidently miss me alot, even when i no longer belong to the school, they never fail to respond to decades old blog entry about them. now really, have they no shame? or do they jsut miss me putting a little excitement into their mundane "oi!oi!" lives? if u want to settle some long-forgotten score with me, by all means go ahead. im getting older, but that doesnt mean i wanna pass up on a good fight every now and then. the difficulties in life are intended to make us better, not bitter, so it's jsut how u look at it, ya know what i mean?

attacking my academic abilities may sound like a good idea to bring me down, but really, i dont mind. not everyone may be good at science. not everyone may be as intellectually stable as u are, but, and i can guarantee this, everyone definitely has more street cred. than you do, and everyone definitely lead more eventful lives, in comparison to the bunch of you, who sole purpose of living is to "get good grades, go good school, cheer for our silly little club! yippeee!!!". how quaint. i live my life as how i want it, so what you gonna do about it?

eh, pple from the combined bday last night, send me the photos please. thanks. and the ones from joce's surprise as well. and if there's gonna be any more photo taking tmr, most prob from phae's camera, then phae pls email to me as well. thanks. ive been missing like 27695236529562956295729529752929729 photos. i really should learn to bring my own camera. but im just afraid of losing it. i have a high tendency of misplacing inanimate objects. hahahahaha.

***where can i get earphones that cost under $100, with good surround sound, long wire, ipod pluggable? ok, make that under $50. im kinda broke.

Friday, April 07, 2006

it's new to me

some changes have occurred in my godforsaken life recently. i've left ngee ann behind me for good. seems lsct directors don't even have the decency to send me a letter or email of rejection to my appeal against dismissal. tried explaining that i'm not begging to get back into science faculty, i had my sights on crawling my way into mass comm. ys, i had to resort to that. unfortunately for me, ngee ann is apparently avoiding me like the plague. so i was left hanging, i couldn't deal with their silence and made a finite decision of applying for A levels. yes. GCE A's. i guess it's sort of a make or break for me. i've gone over my head and registered for the maximum number of papers possible. AO: GP & chinese b. A: literature, history, economics and c maths. think im insane yet? hah. i know i cant cope, but it's good to learn a little discipline i guess. i can confidently say that i've been revising my work like crazy. im doing chinese and lit independently, so i have to read up frantically, and i've alot of catching up to do concerning the other subjects, as the their lessons began way back in jan/feb. plus most of the students at the school are either repeat offenders or studied overseas prior to their stint here. so im kind of on the losing end. but the help i asked for is beginning to start pouring in. thank you kind souls.

oh yes, i actually made some friends at school. my greatest fear of all time was to have lunch alone during breaks, but at least i found some folks to hang out with, not my typical crowd, but a new experience all the same. oh oh ooooh!!! and who would have guessed who the most quiet student in class is, guess who, hurry!!!! me of course!!!!!!!! ahhahaha. still apalled by my own behaviour. but i think i shall remain lowkey till the end. im afraid if i warm up too much to pple i might get carried away by the fun factor again and really spoil my winnings.

anyhow, let me tell you how much i love rent: the movie. i can finally put the music and lyrics to the correct environments and faces. beyond happy. i think im gonna order the dvd online. i must. by the way, the new cathay cinema is too big. seriously. the screen is way too wide, though we sat near the back, one still couldn't comfortably view the entire screen at a single glance. it was very hard to find one focus point. i had to like skim through the entire screen at every moment. anyway, im soo totally in love with the dragqueen, angel durmott schunard!!! angel!!! ahhahaa. ridiculous that my fav character is a total queer. but it was so heartbreaking, actually tugged some of my heartstrings. ahhahaa. oh dear god, i just read that taye diggs is married to that crazy freak bisexual girl. shites. that's sad. he's uber hott. and adam pascal looks good with the long hair too. yea yea. im totally caught up in this movie la. okok. im off to go read some much needed academia.

***for those who called to ask me out, no, i cant go clubbing. made a vow not to till the As are over. i need to earn some respect from my parents i guess. plus i only have these seven months to prove my worth. unless i can qualify for the local unis, my fate is doomed. so work hard i must. this time it's fo' real ya'll. staying out late means staying out til midnight, no later unless totally necessary. and no, clubbing is not necessary.