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the bravery - out of line
baha men - best years of our lives
micheal buble & nelly furtado - quando quando quando
rogue wave - endless shovel


Sunday, July 16, 2006

sneezing till i fart!!!!

hello hello!!!! i think it has been forever. i dont know why i suddenly came down with a bout of sneezles n sniffles two days ago. but im feeling a-okay now. lookey here!!! <---bought nice nice blades yesterday, within budget too. like yes please, thank you. after the mishap resulting in a 11.5cm long gash, i really wanna have a pair of blades to call my own n blame injuries on. besides the one i had that broke n gave me a sprained thumb.

i was lolling around at home the other day with nothing to do, and had the strognest urge in the world t just go to gardens to chill. i picked up the phone and put it back down again. i had forgotten that phaelyn was gone. shoots. it was so convenient before. oh well, either i need to find new company or i could just couch it out at home. it was quite an eventful day at the airport on the 12th. who knew so many of us still had the ability to wake up at the crack of dawn.

i need to make some decisions but i dont want them to seem hasty.

blading soon people? i really wanna try out the new skates. someone accompany me on wednesdays and fridays please, to hang out. i promise i'll study.