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Thursday, December 29, 2005

sucker for spice

i'm sucha sucker for the spice girls!!! yes please, approach me and i will belt out a 90's spice tune. love them or hate them, everyone knows them. i think my previous spice tirade was sometime last month. bear with me, for i love the spiceys so. till the new year, so long!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

my eyes can't open and my ass won't close

i think i've fallen prey to a revoltingly disgusting habit - peering at my faeces to see what came out. no, i dont scoop the damn thing out of the bowl, i just u know, turn around and look to see what it consisted of. this is all thanks to a bout of diarrhea just before the xmas season had started. i had the worse case of diarrhea in the world, and i desperately needed to know what had caused that impetuous force of nature. i shan't give u the nitty gritty details, but i could literally make out the shapes of the food i ate, and the colours as well. on this wondrously early morning, i again had a case of the 'D', but not as bad as the previous one. twice and i was done! though my tummy still feels a tinge of queasiness.

am i insane to talk about crap? not at all.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

an update before xmas, ok?

wow wow wow. i failed my driving test. but it's only the first time, so i cld try again - in march!!!! eeeks. what a long wait. anyway, here's a breakdown of the demerits i chalked up from that fateful day. ahhahaa.

4 points - fail to confirm safety
2 points - rolling backwards (slope, not enough strength to pull handbrake fully)
2 points - incorrect braking
12 points - fail to keep safe following distance (x2)
6 points - fail to slow down when approaching road hazards(i still dunno whatthis is for)
10 points - stop on pedestrain crossing(bloody bugger that stopped in front of me!!!)

total: 36 effing points

so tt's the breakdown of my car breakdown. ahahhaa. yea, none too heinous. my circuit was perfecto except for the slope part. i had the friendliest tester in the world, who liked to scare me by saying 'oh no!' which would then make me go into a tirade of 'oh no oh no oh no!!!'. hahahaha. so go ahead and laugh at my failure. i find it hilarious as well.

let me tell you how excited i am about christmas - !!!!! not at all. i dont know, once again i feel the xmas spirit lacking in me. maybe bcoz im worried about my common tests after that, or maybe because i have ben clearing my room for the past week to the point of exhaustion.

someone motivate me to study please. up till now i havent flipped through a single piece of schoolwork. blah. study joyce! focus! come on! hah. like real. i cant seem to convince myself. i'm so shitting myself.

i dont rmb what i wanted to say anymore. was it impt? i think not.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

i need to complain...because im a whiny arse

everything is suddenly becoming very interesting. very indeed. anyhow, life is not as sweet as it turned out to be. i still have to settle an interview for my fyp. boo. think i had better go read up on some lab techniques or smthg. im totally clueless in the lab. anyhow, enough about school.

news!!! going to bangkok tmr. and no, it's not very funny when you've heard countless people reply you with "gonna Bang-Cock arh? HAHA." so not funny. hope to find smthg worth buying. actually, imnot very psched on going, due to my family. 2 days, it's been two days that i havent had dinner. i have to resort to foraging around the kitchen and cabinets to look for snacks. yesterday's dinner was like 3 mini packs of goldfish biscuits, and a cup of hot cocoa with extra marshmallows. i have to lament about my lack of food, bcoz food is so essential to me. i love food. MMmmm.

let me rant about my godforsaken brother. i dont know if he reads my blog, but i dont invade his privacy by reading his blog, so he shldnt mind. frankly, i dont care if he does or not. screw him. i dont know when it began, but over the last yr or 2 he suddenly became an arrogant prig. ok, i realize i have short writing spans nowadays. i always wanna get on to the next topic. enough of my bro. not worthy of my time. one day i'll jsut punch him. but i think he's stronger than me now. urgh. maybe kick him in the balls and run. okok, enough evil thoughts.

the redecoration of my room and living room is underway when we come back from vacation. so that means major cleaning of my room. i hate that. cleaning. i like living in my filth. i really do. but i have no choice but to clean up now. because apparently, someone is going to live in my room with me. and i sooooo have to tell someone about it. but i cant. my mom says it has to be a secret. but it doesnt matter to pple who dont know her right? it's gonna be quite weird having her staying in my room with me. ok, i just deleted like 40 lines of my ramblings about her. just because i wanna be on the safe side. what if she asks to use my laptop and chances upon my blog and sees what i wrote? omfg. she wld throttle me. hahahahaa. ok, for starters she's my cousin. i know alot abt her, despite not seeing her for over six years now. she's really much older than i am, alot of my cousins are anyway. urgh. too lazy to blog now. just received some 'the juliana theory' songs from avril, and they are awesome!!!! pls listen to them. omg. won't regret!!! trust me.

over and out boys and girls. till i return on monday!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i like i like i like.......and then i don't like.

i like it that i got what i wanted.
i like the fact that i got my 1st choice in fyp.
i like it that my dad bought me the original RENT soundtrack coz i was bummed out at missing the stage portrayal here.
i like that i finally bought the sims2 game.
i like that i get to be an only child again for the past few days, and a little more.
i like the samosas i ate today.
i like bitching about pple with kiam pah faces.
i like to squash a person flat with cutting remarks.
i like skipping lessons and doing time-wasting activities with other people.

i don't like to get warning letters on low attendance and future debarment. shit.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

World AIDS Day

every year without fail, my mother would travel to novena church after work to pray for HIV vicitms. every year on 1st of december. which also happens to be her birthday. it becomes so routine, that we all know the celebrations would be after 7 or 730. today happens to be world AIDS day again. singapore decided to finally screen angels in america on tv. but it's alright, coz i told my dad to buy the dvd back. anyhow, back to today.

i feel AIDS has left a deep hole on this earth. a recent emergence, recent being less than 30 years, it seems to have hit hard. just saw the news today, and it mentioned that there were 198 new cases in singapore alone since january 2005. we have over 2000 AIDS patients here, not counting those who have passed on. today's been nothing but AIDS awareness on tv for me. television, as well as the internet, i was just checking out the staying-alive.org website.

why do i feel that we should support AIDS awareness? because my mom believes strongly in it. to her it is real. she knows people who suffer from it, several of her friends have died from it. yes, so the majority of those that she knows who have contracted the disease tend to be homosexual males, it doesnt mean heteros and females dont get it too. but it is kinda sad that someone you know has died due to hiv. she saw them suffer through sarcoma, and various other venereal diseases. but i think sarcoma was the worst, since she told me it made the person look different. my mom feels sad when she thinks about her friends suffering, she visited some of them before they died, and she told me they all looked the same. those who have contracted aids tend to look alike as the disease progresses. i dont know how far this is true, but they apparently loook thin, weak, sickly, losing hair, and always remain in a curled up position.

there is a story about an unfaithful spouse. it is said when the person u contracted the disease from is a person you love. acquiring it from a stranger is not as bad, because it is your own responsibility, your own fault, you took that risk. but from a loved one, someone you trust, the emotional suffering is the one that kills you. is this why singapore has incorporated the hiv testing before marriage? in a way it is good, to prevent the spread of the disease, to prevent future children from contracting it from their mothers, but it also is a test of loyalty. can u trust the person you love so much? but, what if someone is aware that their loved one has hiv? what if they still insist of spending their lives together? no one is to stop them right? then how do they get married? im confused by that fact.

i dont think i need to say anything more about this topic. we should use our own disgression as to how we should react to this increasingly popular syndrome. where a condom! tt's all i've been hearing all day. hah. ok, i really have no mood to type already. bcoz ive already written about this in my paper-n-pen diary, so yea, no point repeating it in a public portal.

ok, totally unrelated, but if any of you have star movies, aka ch58, watch 'eulogy'. it's hilarious. it's over-censored though, so if anyone has a dvd copy, pls loan it to me, thanks. but it really is funny. i swear. would i lie about comedy? go watch it. and of course, watch angels in america too.