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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

post-xmas & pre-new-year

yuletide season is still ongoing pple, so spread the xmas cheer around somemore. why the good mood? i havent a clue. guess i've been sick, but now im feeling better, no more sore throat, just a hoarse voice. ooh sexaye babeh. ahahah. ok, wanna know the real reason who being so elated? coz my dad bought the love actually vcd original!(who needs pirates these days when the origs go for $14.90???) omg, the show is soo soooooo sweet!!!! yes im godforsakenly slow in not having seen this movie before, but really, loved every second of it. found it abit too short though. coz of the multiple characters, i feel each of them deserved more screen time. the show is funny, warm, makes you tingle. ahahaa. seriously it does, bet everyone has seen it ages ago, so recall, so sweet, all together now, 'awwwwww'. and god, you guys were right, the girl singing, heavenly, absolutely! too awesome for words.

omg!!!! singapore is beating myanmar 3-2!!!! shocking. watching tiger cup now. nothing good to see after love actually. oh yea, total of 4 goals were scored in the first half, shocking. both teams must either be damn good, or equally lousy. heh.

new year is fast approaching, and they said it's pantang to announce your resolutions outloud, so i wrote them down in my diary, personal discretion. anyhow, hope they can be accomplished. 2005 is gonna be quite an eventful year, all the jc pple gonna start afresh in uni or wherever they go to after the As'. oh well, i have another enduring year to look forward to. just crossing my fingers that i would achieve 100% passes for everything. yes, even for driving. ahaha. if the schedule goes as planned, than i would most probably get my license before my birthday. wow. ahhaa.

today was staff & students' day, how was it you asked? how should i know??? guess what? im hurriedly downloading as much as i can right now, before the ban hits our nets on 1st jan. dang the gov. hurts to know that things cant be free anymore. hahhaa/ nothing is ever for free. there are always strings attached. die die die.

being human is such a chore. i wish i were an alien. yes, this may sound like some childish thought, but seriously, relive your childhood pple, have any of u ever wanted to be an animal? when i was way way younger, i told my parents that if we couldn't keep a dog, could i be a dog? obviously they thought my hyperactive imagination was clockworking through my head again, and told me i could be anything i wanted to be, just had to work towards it. obviously i havent worked at becoming a dog(or animal, or bitch, to be correct) but work is hard, and i am lazy.

WHAT THE FUCK!!!! IS THE REFEREE BLIND?? FUCKING MYANMESE PLAYING DIRTY AS BALLS, YET THE REF JUST LET THEM GO ON. THE SG PLAYERS ARE GETTING SCOOPED OFF THE FIELD!!! OH YES!!!! ANOTHER GOAL FOR SG!!!! WOOOO HOOOO!!!!!!!!!! im really really bored, hence this excites me greatly. the chinese player from singapore pretty cute eh? t. 'smthg' lar. cant hear properly. oooh, and the malay player with the fin is pretty cute too. ahahaha. there's always an incentive to watching soccer, not just for the game, also for the hotties. ahahaha.

ok, became a bitsy addicted to maplestory now. dont laugh, i thought i should distribute my strength and other stats equally, so yar, trying to make myself a warrior now. slowly but surely. ahaha. cute games. love the mushroom thingys!!!actually, all the enemies are kinda cute. ahahaha. ok, gotta go do MOL before the crazy math teacher screams at me! oh, did i mention ben alvin and i met her at esprit next to wheelock on xmas eve, half day what!! ahhaa. with her whole chin gang of kids(only 3 lar, but yar.) funny lady she is. ok, got go. toodly-loo.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

wish i were dead

i do. like right now. fighting off the two beasts at home. my brother and my mother. fuckers. anger is beyond expression. fuckers wanna fight me. unreasonable biatches. ROARR!!!! so fuck me.

Friday, December 17, 2004

fuck my internet

fuck fuck fuck. bloody fucking iE is dysfunctioning once again, and im back to using Opera, lucky i didnt delete it. phew. but fuck it lar. urgh. exceptionally infuriated with the whole piece of metal clunk. grrrrr.

ok, finally went for an amb tutorial(it was the first one, so yar, finally is actually not so final. dont think you get wwhat i mean.heck.) got PBL #2, and, i actually recognize smthg! horseshoe crabs!!!! smthg i spent the holidays reading up on,and watching documentaries on! woo-hooo. geek-like, bet the grp wld think im nuts, well, not exactly familiar with any of them, so yea, that's the way of my fucked up schedule.

u know what the bad thing is? hadd immuno yest,(technically two days ago.) and had to inject a mouse. maybei shld rethink my potential career. i made it bleed, punctured two too large holes at the nape of it's neck. gosh, ooooh! and i have to mention this! hilarious! yao!!! needles!!blood! ahahaha. ask anyone in our immuno class abt her 'encounter' with the finger puncture. ahhahaa. screaming like a mad ass! omg. bet you're reading this yao! aahahhaa. alvin shld have video-taped it down! fucking funny balls!!! yao, bet you were the only one in the history of ngee ann to react like that. wonder how u did the blood test for your IC, or worse, those gazillion jabs we took in pri. 6. ahahhaa.

next up...there was a mention of a lack of bitching lately. so i shalll enlighten these hungry souls with this piece of delightful news. that fucking poser guy from bms, zhiming whatever, is a motherfucking bastard. yes. ZHIMING..dont think he or anyone who's he's buddy or whatever would read this, and if they do, you do, than too bad lar. so unhappy being stuck in the same lecture as us right?come and fight lar. suddenly have a liking for wearing sleeveless/ripped sleeves just to show off your muscles(or lack of) isit? oh puh-leez, my ass has more muscle than that piece of useless flesh on your arms. anyhow, all we did was ask for the newspaper to be returned to it's rightful owner. and it didnt even pass under your nose, and yet you snatchd it away and dumped in on the floor. maybe im being petty over this issue, but your attitude stinks mister! you're worse than CALBEE(female bms person, not same clique as the dearly beloved zhiming, so no frets., if you hate sitting around us, please, move away, dont sit so near. im not sorry that you can hear us during lectures, sorry, but silence is too awkward for my liking, and maybe you shld let some joy enter into your life, than u wldnt be such a bitter person, aights? fuck off bastard! coz you're a loser that's out of sajc, hah, to think a compassionate christian sch had no mercy for you, bet they were happy you were gone. well well, how unlucky you came to share an lt with me. disgusting.

any objections? non? tres bien! i gotta go catch up on some well needed sleep. oh bought the immuno book, well, complicated, kinda. but heck, better than nothing. studious, rmb?

Sunday, December 12, 2004

boards & blades

my penchant for this old hobby has returned. first of all, i dont think my parents are ever gonna agree to letting me get another skateboard, their still paranoid about this accident i had when i was 3 or 4. yea, but i do hve a board of my own at home now, for the pass 9 years, and i cant understand why i suddenly want to pick up this hobby again, when im definitely better off roller-blading. anyhow, why the sudden interest again? because i just found out their selling the new flowlab 'flowboards' in the skateline stores!!!!!omg! their freaking awesome, so smooth, and like, whoa...love it! saw the online catalog and feel like buying either the black flowlab 32 version, or the flowlab 36. their easier to use, and well, symmetrical-concave, meaning easier balance in comaprison to the bomb factory series. find them here at http://www.flowlab.com/

okok, enough ranting about smthg i doubt i wld ever get. on to the wonders for my feet - inline skates. yea! i havent bought a new pair, in let's see, 3 years!! omg omg! im deprived of blading. can you believe that i havent bladed since i started poly! ok, no, i havent bladed for the whole of 2004! yes, been scouting around lately, targetting a new pair. possibly a k2 'impulse'. yes, it's really sleek, fast, and it has no laces!!! laces are my downfall, i have a problem doing them up properly, so they always come loose(can't tie a dead knot, coz then i cant get my foot out!) and it ends up being tangled around the wheels, and BAM! i'll trip up and hit the ground. so the 'impulse' is gonna be mine!! yes. trading in my old pair for these sweet new ones, yea baby!! ok, so im crazy to waste money on blades, but i llove them, absolutely!

oh yea, just downloaded the O.C. season 2 episodes. the first 3, than stopped since eunice says she has up till #4!! so yay! just waiting till next week to d/l #5. i cant begin to describe the intensity of the new season and how it captivates my interest! aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! loving it. ok, didnt continue watching #2 onwards, coz im watching this uber sad and tragic show right now. called 'gracie's choice'. fucking sad balls. the mother is fucking evil, poor girl, it so tragic, it's sad. oh my god, i actually felt like crying!!! oh my god, i've never ever in my life cried over movies,shows,books,funerals whatever that doesnt involve me lar. but it's really way too intense for me to handle. yes, i dont cry at funerals, im serious, i think tears shldnt be shed at funerals, we shld be happy for them. oh well, im wonky i guess. on with the show! it's really really sad. really! plus, it's a true story. oh my god, pple go watch it, it's showing on the hallmark channel. ok, smthg that wld make joyce arriola feel a pang in her stonecold heart is definitely worth watching. ok, so go!

Tuesday, December 07, 2004


help me!!! my body is rejecting all dairy products!! i've officially been deemed 'lactose intolerant'. yes, who the fuck becomes L.I. at this age? no one! precisely. and im the lover of cheese, though i hate the taste of milk, i love creamy stuff and the likes. and now, me, the queen of dairy(not to be confused with 'the dairy queen' outlets) have become allergic to the foods i thrive on. save my soul, god is merciless. watching sex and the city season 6 on hbo now. funny shite.

anyhow, i know it's only been two days, but i have to start whining about this horrendous school. seriously. i didnt fail a single module last sem, record-breaker, but still my timetable is more jumbled than before. bcoz of fucking ong lai, she refuses to switch me back to my normal class, yea, i dont mind graduating late, but just stop my suffering. im in every single bio class, when i say every, i mean one class per subject im taking. kill me now. for maths im with the plant-people, for immuno im with my own beloved B4-filled class, and for AMB(dont know what it stands for) im with, *gasp* spice girls and study club class. oh lordy. and for acmb, which i skipped last sem, im with some class from the zombied other module. and im with spice girls for 2 tutorials. wad the fuck? does ong lai hate me to want to make me suffer such a terrible death? yes, this will be the death of me.i officially hate school. i used to love going to school(kindie, primary and secondary,not poly!) jsut to mingle with pple, etc..but now, what's the point? it's a drag, i have to literally force myself out of bed, and than take an eternity to travel to that god-forsaken campus. urgh.

ok, SATC ending soon, but carnivale is up next. all u party-goers at the zouk party tonight, aye fuck! i start school at 8am tomorrow morning, so back off!!ahhaa. oh, have u noticeD? i threw out my tagboard, and put in the shoutbox, coz tagboard with screwing up so often. so be trigger happy people.