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Thursday, July 14, 2005




shifted due to some crazy problems with blogger. heh. it wldn't let me in till now. oh well. cya at psycho's.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

...wish it had been madrid.

hey you all!!! back from jakarta. had a blast!!! wheeeeeee. anyhow, will upload the minimal pictures i took there. aahhaa. it's so few, i think i barely have 10 pics. im more of an observer, not a photographer. i dont have a very steady hand you see. aahaha. so yea., will update on my holiday sometime later. as for now, it's the results of the IOC dudes and dudettes!

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it's not that i hate london, in fact i kinda like it's classic looks, of sherlock holmes, of trafalgar square, buckingham palace, big ben, the shopping at selfridges and marks&spencer, but still, i wish they hadn't won the 2012 olympic venue. it's too small to hold such an event. and it's also susceptible to, well, not trying to be pessimistic, but terrorists may lurk nearby. david beckham coming down was a gimmick, building the new stadium in east london, to revive that poverty-stricken area is also a load of bull. the only genuine thing abt them is the fact that their PM ony blair is sincerely excited about the whole event.

paris - my 2nd fav.
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now, between the two, paris so should have won. they have stable security, being one of the few european countries that did not support Bush's attack on iraq. im glad about that fact. that is why they are least susceptible to terrorism, as they stand as a neutral party, while even tiny countires such as singapore are so pro-america, which i find increasingly unsatisfactory. anyhow, paris is a beautiful place. eiffel tower, arc de triumphe, the vineyards in bordeaux, ok, im veering off course. but still, im biased. it would just be better in paris. jacque chirac himself came down. likehello!!! c'mon. they lost by 4?? wtf. such a slim margin, oh man. wad a blow.

madrid - i wish it had won. my top priority.
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madrid!!!whoop dee dah. it wld be rockin' man. they've never held the olympics before, and it wld be superb, i bet! oh man...i was so looking forward to seeing madrid come out tops. it's somewhat mystical. oh well.