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Friday, May 19, 2006

life in general

has been bleak. not really. i would like to say that my life is dull and uninteresting, that i sit at home everyday and wish i had something better to do, but i cant. i have lessons to catch up on, mid-years to mugg for, and social interactions to fulfil. let me tell you about my television commitments.

-Will & Grace is forever gone. their not making anymore seasons. im sad. i really loved them. especially jack and karen. especially jack. jack. hilarious.

-the oc. omfg. i think there's not gonna be a season4. marissa is dead. hello. marissa is dead. i havent seen the final episode yet. but marissa is dead. what the hell. as long as seth didnt die.

-one tree hill, what will become of my chaddy? sophia bush is threatening to leave the set is they dont fire chad. what the hell again. sore divorcee. plus their tv network is merging or smthg, so tree hill might not be picked up for a new season.

-no more oth and oc, what would fulfil my primetime teenage soap operas hours? even everwood seems to be on the downlow. evil. teen dramas are being flushed out. grrrr.

i think im over tv-oriented once again. but i really do love it. anyhow, there r other things to look forward to. movies. davinci code, xmen3, over the hedge, the wild, paradise now, good night and good luck(which i only managed to see half of). i like i like. someone treat me to movies pls.

ok today i would like to blog about divorce. no, my parents aren't doubting their nuptials, but my sister's bimbo friends have been talking about it, and i thought i shld put in my two cents worth. i think it's a tragedy, though sometimes the kids can squeeze out an advantage from it. u can get what u want from either parent while they fight their asses of to keep you with them. ok, my sis' friends' parents recently went through a divorce. the kid is like 11, and she had to witness the ugly side of her parents. she came home one day to find her mother's head bleeding, and face full of bruises and cuts. can u imagine coming home to that grisly sight? the poor kid now has dreams of her father strangling her mother, but always always he comes back to apologize. in her dreams. because in reality he never looks back.

i realize that quite a number of my sis' friends coem from broken homes. i dont know. when i was growing up, i hardly had friends from broken homes, even then, they never mentioned it anyway. but there has been multiple cases, back in primary school, when i hear about friends' parents constant argueing, and the kids overhear parents threatening one another with divorce. i think my parents once contemplated divorce as well, when i was like 9 or 10. i guess all parents go through a dry patch. it isnt easy living with the same person for such a long period of time. and suffer from the inevitable onejaina. that is why we should really think carefully before we
decide to settle down with one person, forever. now imagine the word forever being echoed around you. hahaha. forever is a very very very long time indeed. till death do us part. omfg.

im extremely lazy to blog now.