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Saturday, June 18, 2005


changed to a rockin' retro messy skin. whoop dee dah. anyhow, just wanted to refresh the minds of everyone out there. the body in a cardboard box. isn't it vaguely familiar? like hello!!!! it's the singapore version of the desperate housewives' murder. you know, the toy chest where the body of deirdre was found. right? right? i was like, OMG!!!! it's tv turned into reality. just found out today tt it was an old guy who murdered the china national. im just freaking amused at the coincidence of it all. ok, exam timetable is out. i think i miscalculated my study break. or did the lecturers misprint their exam dates? whatever. gonna start revising asap. yea right. NO, i am right. better start now. OMFG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


i know it's really evil to laugh, but when i saw this mail dwindling around in my ngee ann mailbox, i just had to laugh. never have i ehard of people ever trying to 'sabo' someone this way before. never. it's really really funny. ok, if any year two's from aquaculture read this, well, sorry to burst the seriousity of it, but it's kinda hilarious when well, i wasn't quite anticipating photos, i clicked on the photo links by fluke, and *poof* here they are. ben,alvin, yao, have you ever seen a case like this? or has anyone from my level? i jsut cldnt resist posting them up for public viewing. the shots are excellent. to think this is only the second week of the experiment. lucky kiddies. so they won't really have lost everything. cld always start a new tank, i think they would be bale to catch on time. as in, their results would still have a chance of getting an accurate reading n it's growth and yadda-yadda. omg, im still laughing a the sight of the photos. now this is funny shite, in comparison to that lame ass PCK musical. poor kiddos who loast their pets. oh well, gotta go draw some graphs for amb. omg, i cant believe im actually condoning to repeating all these blasted topics of severe unimportance and disinterest to me. i can feign interest. ahhahaa. okok. gotta go. wheeeeeeeeeeeee......listening to all my Matchbox 20 and Rob Thomas songs. having a marathon on him. so hott. *swooon*

tank of 'clean' doom
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upclose - this was all in some email dr nevil sent out.
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Saturday, June 11, 2005

PCK - Pui! Choy! Kanasai!!!

it's a NO NO!!!
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oh my god!!! i can't begin to express great regret in going to watch this musical!!! in fact, it was a bore, not a single laugh could be squeezed out of me. perhaps a few smiles now and then, but it just wasn't up to standard. thank god i didnt have to pay a cent for this blasted show, it wasn't worth it. tell me, would you pay to watch a show that promotes patriotism? loyalty to our narrow-minded, iron-fisted society? no, am i right? that is why NDP tickets are free-of-charge. but this, omg, it was beyond hope. lame jokes and cheesy lines are understandable, the scriptwrite must have been either a greenhorn or just past his prime, but including little messgaes on the 5 defences of singapore, and, disgustedly centering the entire plot on the big birthday, which in act isn't Pck's 40th, but they were hinting, wait, let me put it correctly, blatantly telling you that singapore's 40th is coming up soon, and that, we should be planning little surprise parties for our homeland, and make sure we dont forget what a loooong way we've come.

i think i may be the first one to blog about this tonight. PCK: the musical. my arse lar. a warning to all of you out there, to think tt i actually took the effort to make that little sign up there, means that you all should take heed - DO NOT WATCH PCK: THE MUSICAL!!! no matter how cheap the tix may be, or even if it's free, you would be thoroughly disappointed all the same. the only plus points about it is that the choreography for the dancers/dances were fantastique. i'm so proud of bill calhoun. bcoz the dancing was really good. as in, equivalent to those off-broadway shows, [if i say like broadway, it would be a little over the top, eh?] with nimble dancers, and unsual, unrepetitive dance moves. anyhow, the singing wasnt that bad lar. i was just anticipating gurmit singh to attempt singing in PCK's voice, but all i got was wonderful crooning from him. yes, his vocie was awesome, but it wasn;t in character at all. and that sucked. oh, and one song is about some chef for the party, and he was the famous KEN WOO, as he pronounced it in song. but guess wad? it's the lamest shit ever. there was a banner right above that read "KENWOOD". how lame righT? wtf.

i'm still reeling in shock at the extent in whch singapore was being promoted. to think i just heard that they wanted to bring the show to neighbouring countries. can you just imagine the look on those foreigners' faces? like, WTf, why do we have to sit and listen to this shit? let's jsut toss some grenades onstage for good measure. ooooh!!!!!!!!another thing. the microphone volumes were so darn loud, my head was pounding with every breath those actors spoke. sheesh. then i realized, when the show ended why they needed to turn up the volumes. there were two bus loads of old folks' who had been invited to view the show. but goddamn it, i dont wanna be as deaf as them right now!!!! i'm 60 years away from that.

i have a whole string of complaints about this horrendous production, a waste of 3 million dollars, and they still had the cheek to say that they incorporatd foreign talent to help make it a 'success'. bullshit. oh, one other good thing besides the dancers, the orchestra. those poor folks were concealed by a screen the entire time, till the end. i think they deserved some credit in drowning out the tackiness of the show. one booboo they did, actually playing the 'singapura. oh singapura..' song at the end, so the damn actors could sing along. wad the fuck. if the government really wanted to show such a politically correct show, how come not a single person of another race was onstage, besides sheikh haikel for a brief moment as the fortune teller. no indian was part of the. nothing. everyone was chinese, they got someone to sing a cantonese/hokkien song, which i havent a clue wad it meant, as the subtitles were all in chinese. all in all, it was pretty rotten. oh, but i kinda liked sheikh haikel's number. so typical of him, it was the best, with a damn nice backdrop to boot.

ooooh, last complaint. the taxi driver. 'jesus loves you', my fucking ass. he stops by the side of the road, and tells us 'hey, i can pick 5 of you, becoz look at my sign, it says 'jesus loves you' and i ought to help you out, esp since you all look like you're gonna be late." ok, first we thought, hey great! we boarded the cab. he didnt switch on the meter, so we thought, whoa, excellent, free ride. he had all these jesus ornaments and appendages. then he went on about how jesus can see when we do good, blah blah. funny thing is, out of the five of us i was the only christian, catholic to be exact. the rest were muslim. i swear, the driver was one of those crazy christians. he ate, breathed, slept about god. so staunch. then the worst happened. we reached the indoor stadium, it took only 5 minutes. but guess how much the fare amounted to? $10!!!!! without the meter being switdt all!!!! how can that be you may ask? bcoz the fucking jesus-lover is a money making cheating machine! h was like, "$10, bcoz $2 each..." fucker!!!! he's a fucking asshole. wtf! i cld have taken a cab from ym hse straight to kallang and i think it would amount to abt only $9++ tops. unbelievable. now you know why i think the most pious of people are he biggest hypocrites of them all.

okok. shall stop here. it's senseless to go on and on. anyone wanna know how the musical was like first-hand, can ask me. i'll give you the nitty gritty details. inclding how the ushers spent most of their time in hiding.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

skeptical of my return?

wow. it's been ages since i updated, huh? hehehehehe. first would like to say how nice it was to see almsot everyone the day after my birthday. yes, after. i truly believed that half of you forgot about it. but im so whoop-dee-dah elated with dinner the day after. thanks for the pressies. the menu card was excellente. thanks so much my lovely ladies. miss you all and love you too. i was truly surprised, and also happy that i wasnt decked out in shorts, it would be an extreme oddity. ahaha.

wanna know a little secret though? i dont , in the least bit feel like im nineteen. not at all. in fact, i feel as though hmm...maybe im 17 all over again. will explain why later. as for now.....

how've i been? all that mish-mash about me leaving ngee ann has now been abolished. though the thought of quitting is still on my mind, i'm gonna give it a second chance. i think i'm an easily swayed person, when it comes to having talks to full grown adults. yeps. we're animals too right? so using 'fully-grown' is a compliment. they do make sense in a wonky sort of way. i've travelled down this arduous path for two long years, and to just trash it all by signing a piece of paper would be an extremely foolish move. right? i dont know. i admit im an indecisive person. and not very wise either. but i guess we all have our flaws. some more than others. but my unconvincingly firm (ignore the irony) final decision is to stay on, at least till common tests, if i score unfathomably badly, then too bad lar. shall leave once and for all. but if success is granted, then, leap for joy and sit through to the end.

this week i've been with three different year 2 classes for practicals. what i cant understand is, why put me with three diff classes? why cant they let me familiarize with just one class? i suffering so much. i think by the end of the semester i wld be a social recluse. it's kinda disheartening to fail three modules in a row, but to make matters worse, to be in unfamiliar territory, whereby all the people are well, we dont share the same interests, and i sorta suffer from critical language barriers with some of them. i mean, who in holy fuck hell uses chinese to discuss scientific instruments and the works? i mean, what the fuck *do the italian WTF action*. it's jsut, i felt so awkward, it's not like im just gonna be cruising through one repeaed module, whereby i dont need to put any effort into socialising with these aliens, as i would only be joining them for a harmless 3 hours. but now? this reeks. i jsut feel so out of place, confined in this box all on my own. and after all these practicals with tthe various weirdos, i feel like sealing it shut, and paying an ex-con to just shove it off a cliff. someone save me from this newfound loneliness. now i truly know how a retainee feels like, why they seem unmotivated to continue down whatever path they had chosen in the beginning. such an unsettling feeling. ok, if you've never had to retake more than two modules at once, than you wont understand how im feeling. ever. no, im not trying to be one of those over-emo angst-ridden teens who feel that no one in this life or the next would ever comprehend their actions, but well, you get my gist.

ok, shall try my best, but the same tune always plays up - i would slip back into slacker mode. oh well, time for change, i hope this time, it' s not an empty promise.