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Friday, April 30, 2004

stupid me

yes. just completed maths exam today. i sucked. it sucked. sucked. take note: math sucks. im just crossing my fingers, hoping i can just scrape through with a pass. help! now banging on getting a pass for microbio and physio, and trying to attain at least a 62 for ipc. yes..if i get any less than tt, i wld be toeing the line. such a fine line it is. darn.fuckit. fuck. risky business studying in the science field. im stupid to choose it of my own free will. stupid me.

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

after some time

havent updated in awhile. yes. going in for retests and such. hope i pass them all. really i do. yes...cant afford to fail physio again, coz then i wld be dismissed. and i dont exactly wanna flunk maths or ipc, i dread repeating any of those modules again.painstaking. heartbreaking. so planning to mugg these few weeks away. staring with ipc, then practicing some maths daily, then going through physio and microbio often. basically, drowning myself in academics.yea. like real. but it has to be!! it's gotta be.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2004


whoa....so tired. yeps..officially been in school for approx. 13 and a half hours!! omg. pooped out. oh. finally attended psf today, after a gazillion-million year absence. yes..fun as per usual. and tried out for some role. yea...looks lyke my holidays wld be busy, no chance of working and earning some cold hard cash. bleah! my vision is all blurry now...so sleepy....but my tv...must watch...tv....i love...ahha. oh..gonna be a an arts camp, quite exciting...cant wait. smthg zhenyou said shocked me today. wtf man. i cant understand why he's so adament on me trying to make friends with everyone in our LT. im not him, and i wont wanna be so freakily friendly to pple i cant click with, or despise. i mean, it wld just be awkward. sheesh. i guess im selfish.or being a bitch. to me, i can have the authority to hate you, but you cant hate me. yes. and zhenyou, if you get to read this, NEVER! and im really crossing my fingers that i would land back in f07. pls. anything but f06. anything but them. the whole blasted class. urgh. puts me off. oh well. whatever. oh. think i screwed up my physio. questions so familiar, yet answers so wrong. damnitfuckitnabeichaocheebye.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

tiny dancer

im totally in love with that song right now!!!! just watched "almost famous" for the upteenth time yesterday...and love that song so much...why didnt any of the american idols sing that for elton john week? rocks..been so long since i've heard it. yea....wanted to put as my blog song..but...elton john on a beyonce skin? tt's a no-no. ok. easter. was b0ring!!! went to cousin;s hse. the young 'uns enjoyed themselves swimming.. than all the guys went to help my godpa move furniture to their new home...so me, left there with most of the adults to fend off by myself.yes.brave me. omg!!!!!!!! the LION KING special updated edition is showing on disney now!!!!! omg!!!!!!!! gonna watch....gd bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love tt...little mermaid, aladdin and lion king are my all time favs....!!!!!!!!yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!happy easter.....~

Saturday, April 10, 2004

easter is fast arriving

ooh la la. spent a dull day at home. waiting for jesus to die. ok. like watever.
for starters....MY TAG BOARD AIN'T TT BRIGHT!?!?!? is it? guess my comp screen is pretty dark. heh. will change it in due time. lalalalalalala. my back and shoulders hurt like fuck! dunno...was lyke tt since i woke up. help me...aches like hell...awww...oow....*twist-crack* yowch!! i want my easter eggs. chocolates. u make me so excited..and i dont wanna fight it..u make me blush..u are my SYGAR RUSH!!! yes. chocs..chocs...MmMmM... i can just smell them, taste them, feel them..be one with them. eat them. ahhaa.

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

tag it!

yeps. decided to do a trial run tagboard. kinda hate taggies. oh well. since it's been the "in-thing" ever since blogger came about, might as well give it a shot. can someone show me how to change the colours n fonts? yes, would leave it up for 2 weeks, if no one besides myself tags, then cancelling it. so if u want my tagboard to be alive, tag something, if not i'll just submerge it into the depths of sorrow. hehee. ok. leave your comments, good, bad, nonsensical, dont give a shit. thanks. gotta zip off and complete my "sincere" reflections for ocomm and iac. over and out.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

sense of awe

caught "the passion of the christ" today. relatively confusing show. yes, im from the same religion, but it really set my mind thinking. i really dont know much abt the bible at all. went to watch it with nicky n leon. controversial film. very gruesome, but i dont get moved to tears.not my style. think the biggest boo-boo i made was asking nicky is she thought they would show bloopers after the movie. oops. hahha.

ok..wanna know the real scoop? the parts where the devil makes a sudden appearance is scary!!!! yes..and he looks so androgynous too. oh, monica bellouci looks so good in this show, playing the part of mary magdalene. but the virgin mary..is erm...ugly. hehe. wad a way to put it. oh..but surprisingly..there is comic relief in this movie. when jesus jokes with his mother. cool. but..somehow, it was so un-jesus like. ok..the show is so super gory....so much blood..no one can survive after losing like 12 pints of blood, and being flogged almost to death. i guess,in some ways it set me thinking. abt god. all of a sudden im thinking abt god. god. such good timing. good friday is coming, and im finally getting in tune with holeness. hole? holyness..no..holiness. i was very impressed with all the little details that made up the movie. just minute details. and the guy who plays pontius pilate if fantastic, as nicky mentioned, he could really show an expression of conflict on his face: give the people what they want, or go by his own conscious and free jesus. overall good movie. worth the cash.

oh, i have just one thing to point out. it really makes me think: world peace. ahaha. bimbotic but yea. when we walked into the cinema(lido mind you!) the first thing that caught my eye wasn't the vastness of the theatre, but the tudungs. yes, malays in tudungs sitting in several rows. watching a show based entirely on another religion, though it's somewhat related to theirs. yes, i think that was what warmed my heart. ok, wld prob think i crazy,but i ahve this thing against racial/religious/sexual/social, or basically any form of prejudice. i dont lyke prejudice. yes, so seeing those pple there, trying to understand the same show im watching, is just....right. in a way. u feel that if such a gruesome show could bring pple together,a common interest,may not be a religious following, but just lyke any other movie, then it is worth it. we shld invest in making more movies,maybe about allah, shiva, athena, watever. just one movie can generate so many reactions.

maybe i've a slow reaction, but only now, as im typing all this, do i suddenly feel that there's a msg for me in the movie. shan't say what. dont wanna come across as a holey-moley,coz i aint. but i have got things to do now. several,in fact.