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Saturday, February 28, 2004


hobo-lobo. wtf? ok./so common tests are looming near once again.and once again...my attempt at studying has been nullified. tried. almost got it. down the drain it went. damnit. as usual. oooh. went to ymca today(hahaa...village pple rock!). yeps. some volunteer orientation to coincide with our IAC module. actually, was quite erm....interested n surprised by the work tt they do. yeps. but, pretty embarrassing as well. coz went with iac classmates, n i dont think the girls were very keen on doing any work for any beneficiary,unless it involved cute guys arnd our age. thought these pple wld have more sense,more common courtesy.yea, mentioned tt self-volunteers are a "rare species" heh. that may be true, but i feel so proud and in awe of these pple,who take their own initiative to come n volunteer. ok, so im pretty upset by my fellow companions reactions, but i tried to lighten their bored minds/moods with a little entertainment. my usual googoo-ma-joos rubbish talk of course. ah well, let bygones be bygones.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

skeletons in the closet

skeletons in the closet. bet everyone has at least a tooth or finger bone in hiding. in fact, i think my relatives(maternal) have entire museums filled to the brim with skeletons. you see, the recent family feud(it's been ongoing for tons of years, always new problems are added,and old ones refurbished!lyke a real-life "days of our lives" kinda thing.) i guess, it has been brought to my attention now as my grandfather is...how to put this subtly...dying. nah, maybe nt dying just yet, but soon,as some of them seem to think. i know i have no say in their affairs, but if given a chance, i think i could at least contribute in helping them resolve their problems once and for all. let me elaborate. it isn't really a money issue.more lyke the siblings(there's more than 10 of them, mind you.) have no trust for one another, and their all in on some dispute or controversy. recent additions have been several of my older cousins(ok, except for 5+2 younger ones, the rest are wayyyy older.the one directly older than me is arnd 26?)yeps, they've been getting involved in this as well. feel lyke televising this on national tv. a sure-fire way to be rolling in the dough. alas...life has a bitter end. or so it seems. ok...everyone has a story to tell. but im no tale twister, this is for real. wait till i get the facts straightened out,through eavesdropping, and pretending to be an oblivious "innocently" young thing, whose precious ears should hear the spats of hatred from the grown-ups. oh well, a good drama is all the rave on tv these days, and i love tv, so guess where i gravitate to?

ok, so studying's up for grabs again! attempted to keep my nose to the grindstone today, but....temptation is a precocious little thing. shall try again tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after, until i get it!!!!!!! urgh.

fuck damnit. cant see the picture in my blog..wad da fuck did village photos do to thmeselves? now i dont know how to operate it anymore. *flfhfgffhfgfhffhfghffg*

Sunday, February 22, 2004


finally had the time(and skill!!) to change this entity...hehehe. ok..wad's the goings-on in my life recently? nothing 'cept for the fact that common tests are looming near, just had the micro bio one yesterday..doesnt enlighten me at all....really marred my mood for the rest of them...really banging on an A(ok, B or C.) for physio. oh well...my life doesnt revolve around school...so yeps..

just went over to claire's house yesterday to celebrate lin's bday...hah. guess havent seen the taitaix in quite a loong time. kinda missed them.heh. well....guess wad? the damn 105 bus doesnt go to holland v anymore!!! unbelievable!!!!it's an outrage....kill me ...hehe....ok..not tt eventful since we(nicole,lee n i) arrived "fashionably" late and left "fantastically" early.

ooooooh. heh. so tempted to type smthg here...but if the wrong eyes see this...it would cause an uproar. oh well...mr arseholific SEAN, i shall say smthg abt you...ahahah...i want to remind you of tt certain lover u have on thursdays...ooohh...romance is in that small stuffy classroom...trying to seep into your little brain..yet, you're too fat-headed....ahahahhaa.stare into her eyes...lyke wad she mentioned..im loving this taunt. oh yea..speaking of thursdays...won a cup for ocomm..how cool is tt?not cool at all?fine..suit urselves. just in time too!! my mom just threw away my fav.(and only) drinking cup the night b4....and *poof* i get one the next day. yee-har!!

oh...didnt go ...damn!! i forgot wad i wanted to say!!!shit...my memory is so darn badd these days. oh well...holidays next week...hah..study break. damn....i cant believe i forgot wad i wanted to say!!!ok..when i rememeber and happen to be online then i shall slap them here. urgh....GRRRRRRRRR.....nevermind. should update soon.

Saturday, February 07, 2004


gosh. my blog skin suckx. it aint working. need to change. sick of blogging.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004

dawn of insanity

there is smthg so seriously wrong with me!!!! yeps...noticed i neva updated? ahaha. plus, nothing, no pictures, na-dah, naught, is showing up on my blogg. where's all the pics? insane. so much have occurred. oh..to anyone who pays attention...a new restaurant, rocks!!!!! called SECRET GARDEN. cool uniforms...cute waiter..ahahah..omg...but i think he's gay...so sad....damn damn damn. always sucha waste. anyone..im still vying for tt spot with hottie@lsct. ahaha. c.e. ooooh. rocks. god..im being so ultra bimbofide. ok. im insane. done and gone stupid things....keep on skipping everything.practicals, lectures,tutorials,french...god...even psf! wad's wrong with me? nothing. but,,,.....i can't afford to fail hysio bcoz of low attendance rate. god....tt wld lead to my demise from poly...no wait....from this planet. my mom would slaughter me..no..she's more likely to want me to suffer a long,slow n painful death. but i am showing vast improvements in my studies recently. managing well with maths..coping with chemistry...and utterly at a lost in microbio. god...im beginning to sound lyke one of those mugging nerdoholics...nose to the grindstone..need to study...*snort*snort*. gross. guess coz most of me mateys are slogging over prep for their A's...whilst im still a lowly first year..inferior...nah..not really. i realized tt in my blog i always seem to "victimize" myself. wad da fuck? im no victim. guess a ploy on words has its effects on me. ok...i feel bad for not going for psf tonite. could have gone. but....there wld always be buts. nvm...i'll make it up to them, but i fear reprimands loom near. oh well. becoming used to scoldings. my mom is so "helpful" in that sense. wow...she loves to "exploit" me. whenever i make a mistake in life...(mind you,the mistakes i make aren't as bad as she makes them out to be..bloody exaggerater.)...she wld blow it out of proportion, and tell her whole goddamn family..so whenever i see my aunty..etc..they wld all repirmand and nag and nag over and over on the same old thing. im dying. it is a slow death. inching. slowly. god help me. oh...he nevaaa does. fuck church! u hear tt!!!! FUCK THE STUPID FUCKING CHURCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all the fucking church-goers r hypocrites. asses. wad for be pious if you end up sinning right there in the house of god himself!!! ok. god n me don't really mix. wad sort of person am i? a hypocrite as well. joined a youth grp..hah...yet i know nuts abt the church. doesnt tt make me just lyke them? except they know all the holy-moley stuff, but r seemingly unaware of their evil. hahhaa. i can so preach against the church goers. great. im evil now. wad else am i? oh. evil. yeps. oooooohhhhhh......keeping my fingers crossed!!!! hoping that the movie "MONSTER" wont be R(A). god....really reallywanna catch tt movie. im already overly disappointed tt "irreversible" is R(A). silly. they think youngsters cant handle the gore,rape scenes or waDD? it's not a turn-on...but it's an experience. fuck it lar. ok....been freakin' thinking abt my future again. just talking to nicole today. wow...yes..9-5 jobs r convenient, easy, routine, mundane. a big bore. im really set on being a field specialist. god..sounds lyke i know a lot rite? but i dont. i only barely scraped through my exams, and i have such unrealistic goals with nothing backing it up. but i really wanna live on a farm, or in the wild. wanna be out there with the lions. zebras...jackals...driving a jeep on the savannah. terrific. my ideal job. wad for get a job tt pays well, if u hate it so?? i wanna have tt dream job, surrounded by wildlife, being with wildlife, living the wildlife. a sort of escapism from urbanization, i was born to love animals...and tt is wad i want to carry out. to be who i foresaw myself to be. confidence is one thing, academics another. ok. going to watch boston public!!!!!!! woo-hooo....!!!!!!!! tt show is lyke...fan-fucking-tastic!!!!