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Thursday, October 28, 2004

thought-provoking television

once again, i've been enraptured by television. first of all, im suffering from a bout of cramps, which, after was then followed by a wave of diarrhoea. i havent a clue where the diarrhoea case springed from. anyhow, tonight was like a CSI marathon for me. watched the 2 episodes of the 'miami' series. ch5 then axn. right. just got me thinking, the head investigator of the vegas team, gil grissom, is so cold and heartless as compared to the head of the miami team, lieutenant horatio caine.(yes, so i'm a geek for knowing these geeks surnames and such, but, i really love the show, and i pay extra attention to every detail. i feel so investigator-ish.) anyhow, horatio is like a compassionate person, he's able to connect with the victims, making them feel comforted, he sympathesizes and emphatizes with the victims and their families.

though there is much dispute between the two related shows, and a third, CSI: New York, i feel that yes they are similar, but different in many ways as well. vegas can involve the casinos, miami can involve the beach and the spring-breakers, new york has a wide display of dark alleyways, the bronx, yadda-yadda. that's te beauty of the show. but it's also true - that too many spin-offs can kill the entire project as a whole. there's so much to explore at a crime scene, and so many clues pointing to multiple suspects. excellent. excellent. absolutely fabulous, superbly thought-provoking programme. the creator and scriptwriters are genius. yes, so some plots are a little too coincidental, but these cases are based on truth, and then given an exaggerated twist. i relish in such shows. woo-hoo.

anyhow, i've watched every episode of CSI, and almost every episode of CSI: Miami, except for thse that havent been aired yet. i'm dying for axn or ch5 to bring CSI: New York for broadcast. can;t wait.

ok, on to reminiscing. yes. stupid mom just reminded me to teach my brother how to rollerblade. omg. blading, my most favorite hobby in the world, which i havent done in a year, maybe 2 years. heck, since i entered poly in july 2003, i havent bladed an inch. damnit. more than a year. and my bro's blading suxx. he's so fucking scared, he would put his knees together, and his feet would slowly wheel apart, so in the end he looks like he's trying to do the splits. and he walks in his blades. *CLACK* *CLACK* *CLACK* moron. and my older cousin, omg, he's really much older than me, and he invited me to go blading with him,(that was my last blading session mind you) and he couldnt blade properly! he held onto me for dear life when we were going down a SMALL, let me emphasize the word SMALL, slope, and his tall stature didnt help ease my pain of letting him cling onto me as we veered down, and sidetracked into the bushes. omg. u know, i dont think i want to find a job afterall. i just want to skate around. maybe i shall carry my blades to bishan park, in the mornings, when there's no one there. when the stupid 'stunt' cyclists-punks arent even awake yet. yes. all by myself.

recently i have a penchant for loneliness. staying at home and watching movies. remember 'yeye'?(to those who dont know, he's not my grandfather, in actual fact, he's younger than my parents. sort of a really cool uncle. yea! cool = yeayea! yay-yay! whatever, it was some childhood nickname i gave him, and it stuck, and passed on to my bro, than my sis.) anyhow, he's got a 300-strong dvd collection, and i've been watching classics,yay! what a dull life i lead, but when you're feeling under the weather, anything goes. yes, i've even had to give up on my reason for living, my favorite past time of all time, my number one necessity in life - eating. aahhaa. yes. i dont feel like consuming a single morsel, and when i do have a craving, that particular item wouldn't be in the home, and would be inaccessible as i'm sick. fuckshit.

boo boo bad. oh, and halloween, alvin and kerrie, still up for saturday's party? if im not sick *cross fingers* we had better go! and kerrie! ur supposed to be ronald macdonald, why the pck get-up? ahahhaa. love the retro specs though!!! woo-hoo.

Saturday, October 23, 2004


firstly, big yay! that exams are over. not that i've been slogging mch over it, but it is a relief. no more last minute anxiety attacks thanks to the likes of alvin,yao and zhenyou, who love to mix up dates and times and tell me i've been pouring over the wrong subjects the night before. asses.

oh, followed ben to far east flora today. so many pretty flowers and plants. felt like buying them, for myself. yes, buying flowers for myself, pathetic but true. wanted to buy nice nice potted orchids. but have i ever mentioned about my 'touch of death'? yes, unknowingly, i kill innocent plants. take for example, my holiday job last yr,before entering poly. there were 2 beautiful potted white orchids,and my mom's friend had had them for over 2 years. then, all i had to do was water them - a little everyday. i did. i carried out the instructions perfectly,he even saw me do it. yet, my kindly gesture killed them. dang. i even killed the bamboo plant in the lounge area. shits. how do you kill bamboo? man i suck at plants. oh, and you know in primary school, whenever you won those maths and science competitions, they would give you a cute tiny cactus? yea, i had a row of them(unbelievable huh? me + maths + science = success. long ago story.) and they all died. year after year, whenever i got new ones, at first i would water them, and they died. i wouldnt water them, and they died. i watered them a little. they died. who the hell can kill cactuses as well???? damnit. so there. i kill plants unintentionally.


Prior to part 1 (check august 25th) whereby i described the discharge and reasons for the period, and the wonders of some of those women in the past. today, i shall give you an insight on the joys of menstrual cramps. and also, a look into the regularity of this wondrous cycle. plus, another reason for when you receive the 'gift from the goddesses'.

Wonderful. yet again, i have be stricken with the juice of the almighties. excellent. just when i'm done with exams too. i shall telll you how it occurred. going to pee today, and *poof* i was urinating haemoglobin. yes. this, dear friends is due to a word called 'pressure' also commonly known as 'stress'. though i may not show the classic symptoms of high-level stress, my body is experiencing it for me. therefore, this acts as a catalyst to bring forward the bleeding cycle to an earlier timeslot.

pain is pleasure. this statement may be deemed true when you have a bruise and press it for the heck of it. but when it boils down to 'menstrual cramps' it is not a force to be reckoned with. monthly bouts of this technicality is more than enough for most, as for me, for 3 months and counting, i have been hit with this wave. first, a tightness is felt, thinking you have to excrete, aka empty your bowels, you head over the the golden throne, only to realize, you're shitless. yes. then, you amble out to your living room, to slouch on the couch, and OOOF! you are hit with yet another wave of searing pain. clutching your belly(or you know, the intestinal area) you bend over, and remain that way for the rest of the day. either that, or you flop into bed, to forget the pain. the strong, endearing pain.

that's all for this issue of the bleeding chronicles. tune in for more. next time, we shall cover the 'how oblivious/insensitive boyfriends should deal with their pmsey gfs'.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

it's a picture

copyright my ass

happy birthday to you rena! dont know if you'll get to read this at all, maybe you will, well, but hope it's on time! anyhow, you can right-click and save the image, adn enlarge it, if you cant read the itsy words, knowing you, you can't see them!!! anyhow, you're 18!!! finally, now it's only trina left....she's the dancing queen...young n sweet only 17! yes. ahaha. and as everyone can see, my photoshop skills suck big time! oooh! before i forget!!! did u get it rena? shits, i should email you, but later! i think your suprise is gonna be a couple of days late! blame the silly post office! okok, my fault, posted late! still!!! hope you like it and well, reminisce!!! would love to see the look of surprise when you read it. ahaha. okok. shant give anything away, just in case u do read this before it arrives. have si much fun and enjoyment on this wondrous day of yours, and yeps, make sure shawn takes super good care of you, you should be 'princess-for-a-day'. missing you like crazy back here!!!!!! it's probably not yet the 19th there, but hey! it is here! so happy bday once again!!!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2004


yes, good luck for the exams poly people. and erm, happy studying for the As' j.c. people.

i know i'm gonna sound really selfish, but i think i need more luck than anyone else out there. luck to keep me in school. yeps.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

wrong accomplishment

yes, that's right. instead of completing my studies(i wont consider it revisoon, as i havent even read through some of the noted before!), i have learnt how to use adobe photoshop, in ine night, all thanks to handy-dandy pictorial tutorials. yes, so snigger away at my lack of I.T. skills, but at least i learnt something new, and useful. heh. anyhow, been really bugged on whether i should study. so much to absorb, so little time, my own fault that the time span has been cut in half. darn it.

on to more interesting stuff, well, there is none. spent my days at home. oooh, except for monday, when i went to meet alvin at his workplace. omg!!!! havent been to such a fucking awesome place, LATITUDE cafe. no wonder he is happy working there. the ambience is so grungy yet cozy, sooo....and yes, 'pink monkey' rocks!!!! it's our all-time fav straawberry-banana juice, but made into a smoothie instead! yea...but i swear alvin, the portions were ginormous, now u know why most pple cant finish their meal? overly generous. satyed there to study,whilst waiting for him to clock off work. ok, that's about the only studying i did since study break started.

i'm off to watch some telly. maybe work on photoshop a little. and yes, maybe write a story. ive been writing since monday night...so proud of myself. havent touched 'englishey' stuff in so long. science is a demeaning subject.

***WAIT!!! here's a little something i got from fadhil's blog. excellent. i think they should incorporate it into the dictionary. remember jerry ong from singapore idol? the off-key dimwit who's still in the competition, and who outlasted singers who were 57639576934759375932759327593 times better-looking and better-sounding than him? well, read this:

Friends, lets start a new term, shall we?
please use this new term as much as possible, it is not copyrighted.

jerryong (verb) - to put up a bad performance but still lauded as credible by incredible individuals.

jerryong (verb) - (2) to bullshit your way through, and still get rewarded

examples of usage:

"William Hung jerryonged his way to success. Now he is as big as Jaime Tinkler."(dun ask, dun tell).

"Fadhil hopes to jerryong thru his FYP report, which due in 3 days, and he hasn't even written a word."

jerryongian (adjective) - e.g "Fadhil's jerryongian report got him an AD"

jerryong (noun) - e.g "His report was a jerryong. Dunno what his lecturers were thinking"

"The last election was a jerryong for Bush. People are still caught on their butts about that one."

Monday, October 11, 2004

so sue me

what is it with people from poly? are you all that eager to grasp my attention? be in my bad books? i swear, i've never been irritated by so many people before. ever. so i think it's time to make things clear to those who are trying to cause some sort of "upheaval" about my blog. first of all, when i say smthg about someone, and if you dont know if it's you or not, then it;s not you. so butt out! when it is about you, then gladly, approach me and settle it, understood? now, since u all cant understand who im referring to in my "oh-so-simple-lingo", i shall put it bluntly. which means im leaving names. i dont care how much pride i break, how much ego is at stake, or give a damn about 'sensitivity'. i shall take the same suit as alvin, just list down the name, let it stand there naked for all to see. got it?

so there you go audrey. audrey, as in the one from my class. from poly. i havent a clue what your surname is at the moment, but i dont care to know., do i? so you wanna know the whole story? than ask your pal joansy over there. oh wait, shall i add some more salt to the ajinomoto filled soup? yes. dear joansy, your darling friend audrey msged me today, and asked if i was referring to her in my previous entry about a 'wretched' person. well, i said no, but she insisted on asking who. so she hit the nail on the head. and apologised for bothering me about it, with an added incentive that she was relieved it wasnt her. what a friend u got there, huh? fantastic. absolutely fabulous. u know, i dont like making enemies, but in this case, i dust my hands off of the two of you. stare at me all you want, or avoid my gaze at all costs, the pleasure is all mine. and whoever else is affected by this paragraph, kindly post your opinions on my tagboard. better yet, why dont u just tell the whole lecture about my growing dislike for a number of pple. yes. let's be open. tell me u hate me, so i know who to hate. aights? excellent. so glad we all have reached a mutual understanding.

ok. the original superman is dead. yes. D-E-A-D. christopher reeve, aka superman is dead. died of heart failure due to some complications during surgery or some shit like that. bloody hell. imagine, life on a cliffhanger, he managed to survive, managed to regain some muscle use, and now he dies off a simple thing. wtf. life can be an injustice.

**removing the video from my blog for the time being. some pple have been saying that it has caused their computer to lagg. so ok. but pls do admire the 'carnivale' pictures i posted up in the previous entry. coooool shit.

*******************OMG!!!!!!!!! THAT WAKEBOARDING INSTRUCTOR ON THE NEWS IS SOOOOOOOOO SUPER-DUPER HOTT!!!! LOOK AT HIS BODY! (ok, only the top half can be seen,but his beautiful arms!!!) AND HIS FACE IS SO CUTE. ANDREW MEADS!!!! OMG...TAKE NOTE!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2004


copyright my ass

"Before the beginning,After the great war between heaven and hell,
God created the earth and gave dominion over it to the crafty ape he called man.
And to each generation was born a creature of light and a creature of darkness,
And great armies clashed by night in the ancient war between good and evil.
There was magic then,Nobility,And unimaginable cruelty.
And so it was until the day that a false sun exploded over Trinity,
And man forever traded away wonder for reason."

ben hawkins' reading. the moon. death. inversed magician.
copyright my ass

i am just so intrigued by this show. this show is an idiosyncrasy in it's own right. seriously. have you watched it? if i ever miss an episode, i would slam my head against a wall. eagerly awaiting a dvd set for this series. HBO rocks!!! 'Carnivale' is filled with mystery and it eviscerates all signs of 'lameness' or 'flaws' in a plot. though confusing at times, it is rather thought-provoking. a sort of fantasy show, based in the time of the Great Depression.
the ensemble of characters on the show is superb:
  • the whole circus is run by a wise dwarf, Samson(irony of that name.)
  • the bearded lady who is a rather kind soul.
  • Lodz, creepy blind old man who 'sees' things. cool shit when he could exp ben's dream.wow.
  • a crazy, paralysed gypsy queen, apollonia. whoa,she communicates through mind.she can foretell stuff too. speaks mostly to her daughter.
  • her daughter, sophie. think she;'s the future love interest of ben hawkins.
  • ben hawkins. ahah. lead. he's deemed 'evil'. has powers. story twirls around him.
  • holiest preist ever. holy fuck! he made a woman who stole from church vomit coins by the dozens in repentence. omg.
  • lizard man,bloody cynical, known as Gecko.
  • siamese twins!!!
  • a mentally retarded giant.
  • 3 fat ladies...who are supposedly 'whores'. weird.
  • tons tons more. but i've only seen one episode, and this is what i noted. ahaha.

dang. the plot revolves around so many factors. my head is spinning. ben hawkins is an extremely interesting character. yes hear me rant and rave over nick stahl. he's not good-looking, but he has all the attributes of a man with an air of mystery. gahhh. and the dreams. wow. now i know why each episode was over a $1 million. nothing else to say right now. im so caught up in the 'carnivale' vibe. im so gonna be an avid follower of the show. just read synopsis of future episodes,aired in the states, but soon tobe aired here. i love spoilers. i like having a feel of the show. u know. so yea, dont really mind when pple tell me what happens before i watch smthg. but!!! dont talk to me when im in the midst of watching smthg. ok assholes?

Friday, October 08, 2004

it's not often that i think this way

hmmmm, went to town after a gazillion-million years today. just for sushi. how insane. anyhow, took 105 bus back by myself, and for god's sake, had to sit next to a man who had a gas problem. seriously, he just kept farting away throughout the entire ride. it smelled, but not tt bad. i had to change seats,as the urge to laugh was overwhelming. he had a stoic face on, and jsut farted away, looking around, like as though someone else let go of the horrid gas. omg! ahaha. and the sound is not those, fart-alike sounds, it;s seriously a ripping fart. omg. *RIIIIPPPPPPPPPP* then it ends of with a *POOOOF*. ahahhahaa. really!!! enough abt tt amusing man for now.

another thing that set me thinking on the bus was this pregnant woman. she sat down next to me. then an old friend of hers came on the bus after awhile, and they started talking. it's not my fault that i eavesdropped. they were kinda loud and expressive. they were like "hey!! is that you? it;s been so many years...yadda yadda.." it just struck a chord. how nice. as in, u know, down the road, when we;'re all older, maybe lose contact with some of our friends, then when we do meet up with them, we realize, omg, this person has 3 kids now, tht person has migrated, another is a successful entrepreneur, someone has developed cancer(*touchwood*,this is just what i overheard!), it's like filling in the empty spaces of our timeline. omg, this is why i said tt it;s not often that i think this way. usually insensitive, and think of near future concerning my life, but this two ladies conversation totally swooped me in.oh well. time flies, and soon, most would be married, and be career-oriented. wonder what i'll be doing. can i live up to ambition?

oooh la la. on to what i;ve become a notoriety of. bitching. yes. today at sakae, we were served by the most 'kiampa/fucked-up/dulan/[insert related words here] faced waiter in the history of hospitality business!!!! and his name is WILSON GOH!!! yes...when u go to sakae at wheelock...just lookout for him. bloody motherfuckingchowcheebyekaninazombified person. yes. dont believe me? cheggit out for urselves. if only we had snapped a photo. his service sucked. he was so unhappy when we were being polite. so two can play at that game. so we complained when our orders didnt arrive, and purposely didnt wanna order from him. whenever he passed i just looked. had the urge to use the intercom and say smthg nasty. ehehe. but i shant delve into deeper depths of childish inhumanity. this guy was the epitome of fucked-up faces. plus one of the managers, had sucha tight skinny ass, he wwas so puny..pint-sized..my ass could envelope him 3-fold. seriously. he was tt small(my ass is not tt bigg! *is it?*) this manager is just as fucked up. omg. he didnt let us go in for the buffet when it was 2.50pm. just 10 mins more..not like we're going gobble 7928758027507520 plates of sushi before it started. plus there were so many seats available. asshole. shall stop wasting my breath and words on these mofos.

ok. on to bitching abt pple in school. seems to be my pet topic. there's a certain irritan in bms...known to us as "CALBEE". yes. imagine alvin saying it in a japanese accent, accentuating the 'CAL' part. ahhaa. anway, she;s sucha pain in the ass. she didnt do anything today though, but just thought i wld like to enlighten u pple. i wld post her name here, but seriously, i dont know her name. really. she thinks she;s so chio, coz her lecture counterparts are pretty decent i guess. but she;s downright not. and she;s so kiasu in doing her work, super intuned with studies, no, that's not a bad thing. the bad thing is, she loves to sit near us when we're in the smaller LTs (those along old blk 56). tt's not the thing. thing is, we love making noise,and she will get irritated, and turn arnd and make all kinds on contorted faces at us,showing her displeasure. i mean, we came into the lt first, so if u hate us so, why sit directly in front of us moron? and she;s always jabbering abt god knows wad...her friends dont evenlisten,yet she doesnt notice. how dumb. when she does smthg else that catches my attention, i shall update here. well, gotta wait till next sem then. another person now.ok, im not angry or hate htis person or whatever. but he made me so embarrassed even though he wasnt talking to me. this simon guy. he was saying how the ccta paper today was so easy,and there was this gift qs, "if there is 5 cells/ml, how many cells would be in a well, if there was 0.2ml/well". fuck. i though it was some mighty complicated qs, so i got 2 answers, either '20' or '0.04'. i felt like a goddamn idiot when i heard simon say 'it's a primary one maths qs., would he really wanna give me 1 mark for tt?' fuck!!!!!!!!!!! felt so dumb. esp after tt statement he made. i just stared at yao and mel,and was like...shit. ahahhaha. shit happens.........to me all the time.

ahhahaa. watching the ashlee simpson show. u know, thank god she took after her father. she has a brain. her mom is exactly as dimwitted as her sister. ahahaa. their super bimbos, and their visitng ashlee this week. funny!!! ok. influenced by the snl clips ive been watching of jessica simpson. it's funny.

***many thankx to SHAHRAIN for telling me where to get video codes for my blog. thnkx babe!!! dont u all just never tire of BEP?? fergie is hot, and taboo is cool. and im lame.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

my sanity

staying at home is driving me to the brink of insanity. yeps. plus, the television i watch really leaves me deep in thought. just saw some re-run of 'touched by an angel', and it's weird. there's this holey-moley family, who has like so much faith in god, then there's a tragic accident of some sort, almost the entire family dies(talk about over-dramatized, but their a travelling singing family) except for a few survivors. so there's this guy, stuck in a coma for 3 entire yrs..and u know the flow of the show..the angels intervene, yadda-yadda. then, this coma guy's wife breaks out of her insanity, and realizes where she is(conincidence?) anyhow, she and her father-in-law have this big argument on whether they should let the coma guy go off life support, as he's braindead. then this guy's soul appears to monica and asks for her to tell them to shut down his life support. wtf? u know, that's considered mercy killing...switching off the machine. seriously, u should die naturqally right? then why is this 'holier-than-thou' show encouraging mercy killings? im very confused right now. plus, i have nothing better to do so yeps. so they 'unplugged' him, and after a while he dies. so actually, he was still alive, just tt his soul was tired of being stuck down here on miserable earth? im being morbid, but wtf?!?!!? it's true tt id rather die than be stuck on life support, giving my family some hope tt i might wake up one day. but seriously, if ur meant to die, just die. im uttering gibberish once again. stupid show. it actually made me feel sad. i hate shows tt make me sad. but i dont cry, so yes!!! im strong(and totally insensitive.heh) whatever. ooooh. happy! ipc was better than expected. yay. think i might do well, heck, it's a retest. screw it.

***my cousin has a new dog! it looks like a giant polar bear!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


i fear that stupidity is ingrained into me. yeps. most definitely. just as exams are round the corner, i hunger for tv programmes(more than my usual dosage,which is already an almost 24hr thing!) and the what-nots. sheeesh. i swear, some habits never change, or the resurface at the oddest of hours. im even reading fiction that i've read a thousand times before, just to please my straying mind.

this fever doesnt seem to be getting any better.oh well. excuse for me to sleep in the afternoon. i swear, when i arrive home, my body temp rockets to the ceiling. i can practically fry an egg on myself - not that im gonna do tt. highly unappetising.

oh. so u all wanna go eat out on friday, aights? but havent even confirmed the numbers, hurry up already! or just scrap it? isit too soon? too short notice? i dont know. sakae @ wheelock.

oooh, so i tried being polite by asking someone to come out with us on friday. guess wad i got in return? no answer to my question. totally no response. the person just turned the to speak to another person. just like that! and guess wad words came out of that 'wretched' mouth? "so wednesday we're having potluck.." like HELLO!!!! i asked u smthg here, if u want to make me aware that you're having a party, and that im not invited, than tell it to my face! i dont like roundabout shitbags. so what if u happen to read this? well, from past experience, ive gained more tact, which means i shant leave your fucking name behind. to save you the embarrassment. now, i doubt what i said in your defence. everyone seems to hate you so goddamn much, and i always wondered why. they said it was your face. just so 'kiam pa' (<-however u spell it.) and that your attitude stinks. but i was nice, i was like, "___ ain't all that bad, has good points too." whatever. i take back wadever i said. so the others were right. fuck it. whatever it is. now i know, never to trust the niceties of pple with the likes of you. btw, u still havet given me a reply. if it's a 'no', just tell me. my mind is in a flurry now thanks to avril lavigne and her poundingly annoying music, but im still pretty sane. so yea. i'll be waiting. most likely forever. or until i blow up one day. annoying bitch.

on a lighter note, ok, not really light, just crazily in like mode. havent seen/heard/spoken/contacted you in so long. wow. i just had to add it in. i guess time havent made the feelings fade, but i hope it would soon. coz it's so wrong. really it is. oh well. life is never sweet.

ooooh, i refuse to give up, im trying to order a backdated issue of a certain magazine, and it's only on ebay...and i dont own a charge account, so yea. darn it. i cant acquire anything. really love the person on the cover. yippee!!! and the article is like so info-packed. dont worry, it;s definitely NOT avril lavigne on the cover, coz that would be really gross. though her best song to date would be 'fall to pieces'. dont know which album it's ffrom, but it's docile and pleasant. and meaningful, in a way. oh my god!!! ahahahhaa. this girl at the avril concert sings worse thsan her!!!ahahaha. hilarious. ooh, and avril has become like a fat gay guy icon or smthg, coz there are tons of them in the crowd. gross. either that, or their football jocks who think she;s way cool. double gross factor. i've digressed greatly today. my whole life is based on digression. weird, aint it?

*valuable information: when a dog vomits, it's yellow(usually, depends on what it ate.) and if you dont clean it up for a few days, it turns bright green! cool. yeps, just found a circular patch unnder the camel chair. 'camel chair'. ahaha. the stories behind the names of my furniture at home. 'micheal jackson's key table', 'daddy' drawer', 'the altar', 'broken chair', and just tons more. been living in this home for too long i guess. 10 years. 10. wait...18-7=11. yeps, this marks the eleventh year ive been living in this house. from spick-n-span to trash-can. in just 11 long years. ahaha. ok, shall stop ranting, anyone wanna watch a super animated movie with stupid character names, but really good actors, aka, "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow". come on pple, you've got gwyneth,jude and angelina in there!!!! im lame. oh well.. off i go. to die slowly, become a decrepit old lady whilst trying to concentrate on ipc - once again.

Monday, October 04, 2004

fever pitch

help me!!! i think im coming down with some illness or other. feeling chilly, yet my body is all hot and flustered. geez. i cant get sick now!!! i absolutely hate getting sick. it sucks. shall stop complaining, and shall just ignore the fever, maybe it would go away. psychology. heh.

anyhow!!! i havent watched the oprah show in ages...and guess wad? i finally got home early today, and caught the best episode ever!!! guests were the 'wayans' brothers!!! nthey rock..hilariously funny. i was in stitches over them describing their lives and their love for their family, and all the antics they got up to. omg!!!!!saw the clips of 'white chicks', yes so i saw some clips last month online, but these were new ones ive never seen, and it egged me to wanna watch the movie so bad. seriously, this is one 'chick' flick i really wanna catch. im into stupid movies these days. frivolity is everything, why? it doesnt complicate an already fucked up life, so it leaves you free to let loose and thoroughly laugh urself silly. i was totally tickled when they showed the clip of them singing the vanessa carlton number, 'thousand miles'. ahahaha. ultimate. omg. im being so uber bimbotic, but i cant help it. im not a bimbo, i just enjoy hanging around them and watching bimbo flicks. hehehe. hanging around bimbos...*cough*....*alvin*....*ahem*. ahahahha.

eeks!!!!another stupid show!!! wanna watch that 'rouge' show on mtv. loved their music...and some of the girls are gorgeous. those stupid models. gah. loving lame shows with gorgeous girl. im depraved of beauty u see. ahahha. 'america's next top model', so what is i know who the winner is? shall i tell u? okok...if u dont wanna know who it is, too bad, coz here she is....YOANNA. the classic look girl. im a tv junkie. getting back into the habit at the most inappropriate timing. exam time. stupid me. stupid. me.

here's a list of my impending doom:
  • 6th oct - ipc practical #2
  • 6th oct - abc CT #2
  • 7th oct - ipc retest (fuck it.)
  • 8th oct - ccta practical written
  • 18th oct - ipc final exam (i better fucking pass.)
  • 19th oct - abc final exam
  • 22nd oct - ccta final exam
  • 23rd oct - instrumentation final exam

how inviting all these dates and tests look. i sooo don't wanna commit suicide now. heh. depressing. shall liven my spirits by watching white chicks. yes. i shall. just who would wanna waste some cash on a crazy show about 2 black guys disguising themselves as white bimbos? hmmm....guess it's only me. shall stop crapping around, think it's time for some quality moment with my books. they're lonely and really clean. fuck it. no mood. shall go d/l shit shows to watch. shall try to find 'white chicks'.

***** found white chicks!!!!!!!! almost done d/loading!!!!!!!!! u cant imagine my jubilant expression right now!!!!!! gahhhhh..........

Friday, October 01, 2004


right. so ccta was a major disaster today. however, something entertaining occurred in the exam hall, which i think lifted everyone's spirits thoroughly. haha. not trying to diss anyone here, but i have to admit it was pretty funny. and only these kinda antics can happen to pple in our lecture. hahahaa. im so inevitably mean here. anyhow, not trying to be insensitive and tactless here, but.yay!!!!!!!! passed instru!!! sorry.just excited. but it doesnt matter what i pass or fail anymore, coz if i fail ipc again, im out in the blink of an eye.

singapore idol: what the FUCK sia????? how could they push jeassea outta the competition? she's one of the few who can actually sing. i was crossing my fingers since last night that jerry and beverly (or daphne) would be out...and when it came to final group..my elation was..over the hill. then, jeassea was booted. geez. fuck singapore. on a lighter note, (im being extremely superficial today) i think olinda sang darn well. damnit. i dont like her. i dont like her persona. i think i hate everyone. let's not digress. but i have to admit her voice is, *puts on fake british accent* absolutely heavenly! ahahahaha. i guess i have the "firimprezion"(first impression) syndrome. oooh!!! i loved it when they sang the beatles 'i wanna hold your hand' and i forgot what, but it was an excellent ensemble.

believe me when i say this, but i seriously have nothing to blog about. im kinda at a lost for words. im stumped. omg. i can actually learn what 'silence' finally is.